May 2017

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Synergy Congratulates New CEO!

After 13 years leading Synergy Academies, Dr. Meg Palisoc will step down at the end of June. Dr. Palisoc was one of Synergy's original founders, co-founding Synergy Charter Academy elementary school in 2004, Synergy Kinetic Academy middle school in 2008, and Synergy Quantum Academy high school in 2011.

Synergy's Board of Directors appointed Rhonda Deomampo as the new CEO, starting July 1st. Mrs. Deomampo joined Synergy eleven years ago as a 2nd grade teacher at Synergy Charter Academy, she mentored teachers at all three Synergy schools, and has worked closely with Dr. Palisoc over the past several years as Synergy's Director of Special Projects. 

The entire Synergy family thanks Dr. Palisoc for her dedication and service over the past 13 years. We are grateful for everything she has done for our students and families, and we wish her the best in all her future endeavors. 
A Special Message from Synergy's Outgoing CEO

Dear Friends of Synergy,

For the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of helping to start all three Synergy Academies schools. From the  moment we dreamed up a school in 2002 to the time we opened the doors of our first school in 2004 to where  we stand today in 2017, I have always been extremely proud to be a part of the Synergy Family.

That is why it is with a heavy heart that I share with you that this school year will be my final year with Synergy  Academies.

This was a very difficult decision for me to make because Synergy has been a part of my life for such a long  time. In fact, the kindergarteners that were with us in year one are now high school seniors and will be  graduating from high school this year.

There are no personal emergencies or school emergencies that led to my decision to step down, so rest assured  that there is nothing wrong. Instead, I often rely on my intuition (just like my intuition told me to start a school  15 years ago), and my heart is telling me that it is time to move on, knowing that Synergy is in good hands.

Our Board of Directors oversaw the search process for a new CEO, and I am happy to share with you that  Synergy's Board of Directors appointed Mrs. Rhonda Deomampo to serve as Synergy's New CEO effective July  1, 2017.  Mrs. Deomampo joined Synergy eleven years ago, and has worked as a 2nd grade teacher, a teacher mentor  at all three Synergy schools, and as Synergy's Director of Special Projects. I know  that Synergy is going to continue to do amazing things under Rhonda's leadership.

I will continue to serve as Synergy's CEO through June 30, 2017. After I leave Synergy, I will be providing  coaching and consulting services to other schools.

Thanks for believing in our schools and thanks for all of your support all of these years!

With great appreciation,

Dr. Meg Palisoc
Co-Founder and CEO