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October 13, 2017 issue:
Bishop Eaton's Column
Jubilee Weekend
Jobs in the Synod
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Dear Church...
"Beers and Brats" Oktoberfest
Wednesday Eucharist

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October 18, 11:30 a.m.
Synod Eucharist
Tempie Beaman, Guest Preacher

October 20 - 22
Cal Lutheran, Thousand Oaks 

October 21, 2:00 p.m.
Loyola Marymount University

October 23 - 26 
La Quinta

October 24, 6:30 p.m.
Rick Steves' Luther and the Reformation
Claremont School of Theology

October 25
No Synod Eucharist

October 28, 4:30 p.m.
Cal Lutheran

October 29
Los Angeles 

October 29, 4:00 p.m.
Trinity, Long Beach

October 31, 7:30 p.m.
Reformation Celebration
St. Paul's, Santa Monica

November 1, 11:30 a.m.
Synod Eucharist
Bishop Erwin Preaching

November 4
Salem, Glendale

November 10 - 12 
Frazier Park 

November 11 - 17
St. Luke's, Woodland Hills

November 17 - 19
Bishop Eaton's Column

October 32 and beyond

With the 500th anniversary, it's been "All Reformation All the Time." But Reformation Day is over - now what? In her October column for Living Lutheran, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton reminds us that in Christ we are set free for loving and serving others -so let us now live in that freedom.

Read Bishop Eaton's column

There has been so much pain and suffering in the past months. In the video below,  Bishop Eaton  reminds us that we have a God who understands suffering through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ: "our broken Savior is accompanying us now; the resurrected Christ is walking with us."
Jubilee Weekend
October 20 - 22

Good News to the Poor

Can your religious community commit to offering one prayer to change the structures that cause global poverty during your worship services? When you sign up we'll send you sample prayers as well as additional materials for your worship service. 

Jubilee USA is excited to help you coordinate your prayer, service, or event for Jubilee Weekend this year! Please note that your community does not have to participate on the weekend of the 22nd - a prayer any time in 2017 is welcome. 

Sign up here  and we'll ensure you have the resources and support needed for a successful Jubilee Weekend.

The Southwest California Synod became a Jubilee Synod by resolution at the 2017 Synod Assembly. 

Lutheran Social Services and Community Care, San Fernando Valley has made the move from the Canoga Park office to North Hollywood to Valley Lutheran Church (Iglesia San Pablo) - we are now making our way through numerous boxes and getting organized!

We have a new Area Director, Jennifer Jerbi, wife of Pastor Steve Jerbi, the new pastor at Bethel Encino. Jan Maseda is back to help with the move and transition.

Our Food Pantry and Clothes Closet will be open on November 7 from 11:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m. We are looking to our Lutheran friends to volunteer and once again be a part of the LSS Family! 


Trinity, Long Beach is looking for a Parish Administrator

The Parish Administrator is a ministry position of Trinity Lutheran Church, under the direction  of the church council and senior pastor implementing the policies and goals of the congregation. The Parish Administrator is a steward of all the gifts God has entrusted to Trinity Lutheran Church including volunteers, members, financial resources, personnel, administrative and physical resources of the parish. Anyone interest in the position can apply by emailing their resume to jobs@trinitylclb.org.

The Synod Youth Team has several positions open, as well as spots for adult leaders. Youth must be in Grades 9 - 12 at the time of election, and have to be members of an ELCA Congregation in the SWCA Synod. Elections will take place at the November 10 - 12 "Remix" High School Retreat at El Camino Pines - click here for more information.

What did your congregation do for "God's Work. Our Hands" Sunday? The ELCA would like to know! Please take the survey linked below to help determine the success and impact of this ELCA-wide initiative. Survey link here
Reformation 500 Events and Resources are listed on the synod webpage. Is your congregation having an event for #Reformation500? Let us know! 
Please pray for the following: 
  • Pastor Erin Martinson of Trinity, Ventura, recovering from brain surgery. 
  • Dick Buma, husband of Pastor Christine Buma, who is being treated with immunotherapy for rare form of lung cancer.  
  • The family of Rose Norris on her passing. 
  • Pastor Ray Kibler,
    battling immuno-deficiency disease and cancer
Your prayer requests are important to us and will continue for two months in Synews. 
If you would like to be added to the prayer list or if we should continue your request, please contact Robin at rlujan@socalsynod.org .  
Southwest California
  Synod Staff
The Rev. R. Guy Erwin, Ph.D.

The Rev. Reg Schultz-Akerson
Rostered Leadership

The Rev. Marj Funk-Pihl
Congregational Mission Evangelical Mission

Maria Paiva 
Latino Ministries

Janet Renick 
Children, Youth and Faith Formation

Andreas Hirsch   
Finance and Administration

Sheri Dillon
Assistant to the Bishop 
Office Manager 

Sherri Miller

Robin Lujan 
Administrative Assistant

Nicole Miller 
Administrative Assistant 

Samantha Henderson

1300 E. Colorado Street
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 507-9591 Phone
(818) 507-9627 Fax

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Synews, the weekly email newsletter of the Southwest California Synod, ELCA, brings you news and information from the synod office in an environmentally friendly format. Please share this information as you are able. You can sign up to receive the Synews and special emails from the synod office here News, information, and corrections for  Synews should be emailed to  Samantha Henderson  (shenderson@socalsynod.org). To follow Bishop Guy Erwin's daily schedule, search #thebishopsday on Facebook. 
School Kids Fall Harvest Education 
at Trinity Gardens, Santa Barbara
Trinity Gardens, Santa Barbara opened as a mission outreach in 2012, providing space for church neighbors to serve alongside the congregation, growing food and building community. The garden has given over five tons of fresh produce to local charities during its five years of existence, increasing productivity and produce donations as the garden further develops. Trinity Gardens recently was honored with the 2017 Santa Barbara Beautiful award for Public Open Space.

From October 10 through 27, over 700 students, their teachers, and many parents will be greeted by Trinity Gardens volunteers for a 5th year of educational field trips. This community outreach has become so popular that there are now waiting lists and an increasing number of volunteers needed to shepherd kids, preschool through 1st grade, to the small group activity learning stations.

Children often arrive two classes per busload. A large circle is formed on a car-free pavement area next to the garden. Program facilitator Judy Sims welcomes and leads an all-group harvest dance. The focus is to celebrate harvest gifts, share the garden's community outreach programs, and introduce the field trip's program.

Dear Church is a semi-regular blog by pastors and other church  leaders. In this entry, Rev. Jess Harren discusses accommodating and welcoming the differently abled members of the congregation. 

For those of us with neurodivergent and physically differently abled bodies, worship can be a true challenge. My family - made up of two parents and one child - includes many physical and neurological differences. Sometimes, the idea of coming to worship is so exhausting for us, we simply don't go. The adaptations we must make to simply belong and participate, the stuff we have to take with us, seems overwhelming at times. Here are five things I wish that churches would stop doing - and five things I wish they would start doing.
ACTION Team and Thrivent Support Students 
at the Annual "Beer and Brats" Oktoberfest!

Thanks to everyone who gathered at Prince of Peace, Covina on Sunday, October 1 in support of the  Action Food Pantry's annual Octoberfest "Beer and Brats" Scholarship Fundraiser! The Action Team's s upporting congregations include local Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist churches, as well as a synagogue.

For the past 11 years, the Action team has held the "Beer and Brats" fundraiser for the benefit of nominated students within their congregations. The event is sponsored by Thrivent, which provides the brats and beer as well as contributing scholarship money. The remaining funds are donated by those attending. This year, over $3,500 was raised to assist scholarship recipients!

If your congregation or ministry is looking to refinance an existing loan, this may be the time to proceed. The Mission Investment Fund (MIF), the ELCA's lending ministry, is offering a 3.875% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) rate, available through October 31, 2017, on a Five-Year Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.
In addition to refinancing existing debt, MIF loans are available for a variety of capital projects-from new construction to additions and renovations, as well as land and building purchases. Adjustable- and Fixed-Rate loan options are available.For information on MIF ministry loans and investment opportunities, visit mif.elca.org or contact your MIF Regional Manager, Joel S. Wudel, at joel.wudel@elca.org or (773) 682-1765.

#Cometothetable and join us Wednesdays at the Lutheran Center in Glendale at 11:00 for fellowship and coffee and at 11:30 a.m. for our mid-week Eucharist service!  

Our upcoming guest preachers are: 

October 18: Tempie Beaman
Deacon Tempie Beaman graduated from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in 2011. Among many other ministries, she has served on the African Descent Strategy Team, the Lutheran Social Services of Southern California board, and as conference representative to the Mission Table for Evangelical Outreach. In 2014, she was called to serve as the Executive Director of My Friends House, Inc, a community organization working to end hunger and promote healthy living, retiring this year.  

October 25: No Midweek  Eucharist
See you at Theoasis in La Quinta!

November 1: Bishop Guy Erwin

"It might not be fair to us, but it is fair to God." On September 27, Pastor Don Koepke, Interim at St. Paul's, Monterey Park discussed Jonah's anger at God sparing Nineveh, as well as the workers who came early to the vineyard's anger that those who came later were paid the same amount - "what is right" is different in Heaven than on Earth.

"Repair my church." On the Feast of St. Francis on October 4, Pastor Steve Jerbi of Bethel, Encino preached about Francis' conversion moment, after his experience as a soldier and the son of a wealthy family, under the cross in the ruined church of San Damiano. 
Henry Martinez was ordained October 11 at a special mid-week Eucharist. He and Kim Crawford were installed as Australia Country Coordinators for Young Adults in Global Mission. Pastor Elizabeth Nees of Holy Trinity, Thousand Oaks preached and Bishop Guy Erwin officiated.

 Ideas for Advent from the Synod Hunger Team 
and ELCA World Hunger 

Advent Study 
Rejoice and reflect this Advent season through study, prayer and worship. ELCA World Hunger's 2017 Advent Study is full of new weekly devotions, prayers, blessings, hymn sug-gestions and filled with sermon starters. Use this resource during weekly worship, adult study, or encourage members to take it home and read each week during Lent. The study is available to download at ELCA.org/Hunger/Resources, under the seasonal tab. 

Advent Calendar 
Celebrate the excitement, anticipation and wonder of the birth of Christ with the 2017 ELCA Good Gifts Advent calendar. Each day is a reminder of the reason for the season with hymns, prayers, Bible verses and stories of how ELCA Good Gifts make a difference in the world. Visit Resources.ELCA.org to order free calendars to distribute to families in your congregation. Each pack contains 10 calendars, and we recommend one calendar per household. 


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