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WELCOME Voting Members of the 2021 Northwest Washington Synod Assembly!

We are delighted - and grateful - that YOU have said YES to serving in this way.

We wanted to touch base about a five important items in this first email.

First, the 2021 Synod Assembly will be Saturday, May 15, 9am-4pm.
  • It will be held entirely online via Zoom.
  • It is vital that you have your own computer or tablet for participating in the assembly. We want you to be able to see, hear, and be heard.
  • Only voting members and the assembly leadership team will be in the Zoom meeting. Visitors will be invited to watch a livestream of the assembly.

Second, mark your calendar and plan to attend one of these one-hour online Orientation Sessions:
  • Monday, May 3 at 7pm
  • Tuesday, May 4 at 5pm
With over 370 voting members set to attend this one day assembly, it is VERY important that you attend one of these sessions so that you are prepared for our time together on May 15. During each of the sessions, we will review:
  • Zoom etiquette and tricks
  • How we will do our business - Parliamentary Procedure & Standing Rules
  • Voting Procedures
  • What to expect - overview of the Assembly Agenda
  • Proposed Constitutional Changes
Look for an email in mid-April with links to sign up for one of these essential sessions.

Third, if you would like to learn more about the budgeting process and the proposed budget, please plan to attend the Pre-Assembly Budget Hearing via Zoom on:
  • Wednesday, May 5 at 6pm

Fourth, part of our business together will be electing persons to two Synod Committees, to Synod Council, and to serve as Voting Members for the 2022 Churchwide Assembly.
  • You will find a list of those individuals who were nominated by our March 31 deadline HERE.
  • According to our proposed standing rules, you now have the opportunity to nominate yourself or any member of the synod “from the floor” for any position listed on that document.
  • Floor Nominations are due April 15 online here: https://forms.gle/Aw5uua84tmhCpW2N6
  • We will send out a complete packet of brief bios for each nominee mid-April, following this deadline.

Finally, to help us all be well-prepared, we will be emailing details each Friday leading up to the assembly. In order to keep our correspondence out of your spam folder, please be sure to mark this email sender as "safe" for your inbox!

Look for more information and updates at www.lutheransnw.org/synod-assembly

With gratitude for your partnership,
The 2021 Synod Assembly Planning Team

Northwest Washington Synod / ELCA
5519 Phinney Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103