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Hello Rostered Ministers & Ministry Leaders!

The 2021 Synod Assembly will be Saturday, May 15, 9am-4pm online via Zoom.

Thank you to those who have already registered & paid!
For those who have not yet had the opportunity, this is your gentle nudge!


Registration for Voting Members is open!
  • Each congregation is asked to register their voting members as a group.
  • Registration will close on March 31.
  • NO registrations will be accepted after that!

Who is a Voting Member?
  • Rostered Ministers under call
  • Retired Rostered Ministers
  • Elected Lay Voting Members from your congregation or mission start

What about Visitors?
Visitors need not register, all will be welcome to watch the live stream of the assembly.
Look for more information about this closer to the meeting date.

Are you a Rostered Minister not serving in a congregation or mission start?
For those Rostered Ministers who are retired OR serving in a specialized ministry setting, please skip to step 3 and use the same link for registering yourself individually.

Please follow these steps to register and pay:

STEP ONE: Identify Lay Voting Members to attend the assembly
  • Hopefully, your congregation has already elected lay voting members to attend the May 15, 2021 online Synod Assembly. If not, please tend to that ASAP.
  • Please be mindful as you identify folks to send, that EACH voting member will need their own separate email address AND computer to participate in the Zoom meeting and electronic voting platform that we will use to conduct our business this year. (Thank you in advance to congregations who may need to provide equipment and/or assistance for those members who may need it!)
  • It is important to know how many lay voting members you may send. FIND THAT INFORMATION HERE. The chart shows how many lay people you may elect to send to the assembly. EXAMPLE: Advent Lutheran Church in Mill Creek is allotted a total of FIVE lay persons: 1 female, 2 males, 1 youth and 1 young adult. They may NOT send more than three adult lay persons.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your called/contracted rostered ministers (pastors or deacons) should also be registered with your group of lay persons. They DO NOT count as lay persons! You may also have retired rostered ministers in your congregation, if you wish to pay for them as well, you may (OR they can register/pay on their own.) They DO NOT count as your elected laypersons!

STEP TWO: Gather needed information from EACH voting member
Have EACH voting member you plan to register from your congregation (pastor, deacon, elected lay persons) provide answers to the 6 questions below so that you have the necessary info before you register the group online!

1. First & Last Name
2. Email address - note: each voting member needs their own email­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­!
3. Attendee Category – check one:
_____Voting Member: Elected Layperson (voice & vote) - elected by congregation
_____Voting Member: Pastor
_____Voting Member: Deacon
4. Person of color/Primary language other than English?  Check one:
5. Gender – check one:    
6. Age at assemblycheck one:     
_____Youth (Under 18)          
_____Young Adult (age 18-30)           
_____Over 30

STEP THREE: Register your group online by March 31.
Once you have registered your group online, the first registrant in the group will receive a confirmation email. Keep this in mind as you register - you may want to make the pastor the first person in the group! (ALL in your group will receive a welcome email in a day or so!)

STEP FOUR: Pay your event fee(s)
The cost is $25/person – you may pay either online OR by mailing a check.

To pay by CHECK:
Make check out to NWWA Synod (put "assembly" in memo)
Mail here: ELCA Region 1; PO Box 94432; Seattle, WA 98124

To pay ONLINE:
Go HERE and select “Synod Assembly Registration” from the drop down menu.

STEP FIVE: Let your group members know they will be receiving a “welcome” email from us soon!
We will keep in touch with each voting member - sharing materials, meeting links, and other details to help them be well prepared for the assembly.

Reach out to our Assembly Registrars, Carsten & Joyce Thode
Look for more information and updates at www.lutheransnw.org/synod-assembly

Thank you for registering and/or for helping your delegation of voting members get registered for our May 15 online synod assembly! We look forward to seeing you in May!

Northwest Washington Synod / ELCA
5519 Phinney Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103