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2019 Pacifica Synod Assembly News
The 2019 Pacifica Synod Assembly will be held May 10 & 11, 2019 
at Hope Lutheran Church in Palm Desert. This year's theme is
"Oh Lord, Open my Ears: Listening for God While Listening to Others"

Please note the following information about synod assembly. More information will be added to our website page as it becomes available.

Synod Assembly Fee Invoices

The congregational registration fees for this year's assembly have been reduced by $50. An invoice was mailed today to each congregation, detailing voting member assignments for your congregation and allowing congregations to take advantage of an Early Bird Discounted Congregational Registration Fee ($495 for 3 voting members) if paid by February 28, 2019. 

Please note that the discount only applies to the congregational  registration fee. After February 28, the congregational fee increases to $550. The cost for any additional voting members remains at $100, so if you're not sure at this time whether you will be able to send additional voting members, you are encouraged to at least send your invoice in with the $495 payment to receive the congregational fee discount.

Fee reductions for smaller congregations may be requested. To do so, please contact Rachel Line at by February 28, 2019. Please note that fee reductions are based on financial data reported with your 2017 Congregational Report.

Just a reminder - payment of this invoice does not register any individuals from your congregation! You will have the opportunity to register your voting members and visitors through the online registration registration process beginning on March 1, 2019. Watch for the link to register on our website and in our e-newsletters.

If you have questions about your Synod Assembly invoice or registration for the assembly, please contact Terri Robertson at 714.352.8732 or by email at

Synod Assembly Resolutions Process

The deadline for submitting resolutions is FEBRUARY 11, 2019. 

If a resolution comes in after this deadline, it will be submitted to the Pacifica Synod Council Secretary and will be brought to the floor of the assembly and will require a two-thirds vote by the assembly to be considered. 

For detailed information on resolutions, please see this document.

Please submit all resolutions to the Pacifica Synod office by mail 
(1801 Park Court Place, Bldg C, Santa Ana, CA 92701) 
For questions about resolutions,  please contact the Rev. Laura Ziehl at 760.814.5141.