The NE MN Synod Journey
to the
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering 
August 15, 2018
Thank You!
It was a joy to journey with you this last year. Thank you for saying yes to God's call to share God's love, hope, grace with young people as you helped them see that Jesus changes everything!

Below are some final resources for you as you continue to accompany young people in faith. Be sure to check out the information for the ELCA Youth Gathering evaluation session in Duluth on September 13 - we'd love to have your input included!

Our journey continues...holy ground is everywhere! 

On the Journey together,
Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Process the Journey!

Just like it was important to spend time every day on the Journey to process the experience, it's equally important to take time now that you have been home a few weeks to return to name what God has been up to in their hearts and minds. There are two resources to help you do this:

Synod Journey Story Kit Debriefing Resource: This follows the pattern of the Synod Journey Story Kits to help youth wonder how God is calling them forward in faith.

ELCA Youth Gathering Debriefing Curriculum: This is the resource provided by the ELCA. It is a more in depth, 3-part curriculum to use with your group. Feel free to pick and choose what would be most helpful for your group.
Other Resources!

Click on links to view different albums from our Journey. Thank you to our Synod Journey leaders for sharing these photos!
Scroll through for pictures and videos that were posted with descriptions. Please note, this is different than the Northeastern Minnesota Synod, ELCA Facebook Group.
More pictures and descriptions. If pictures have a white box in the corner, it means there are multiple pictures in the post!
All of the Worship Liturgies, the Journal, Bus Devotions and Getting Ready Resources from our year are posted on this page!
Please take time to ask youth about their experience in Galveston and Houston! This is a list of questions that might get you started.
All the videos from the ELCA Youth Gathering are posted on their YouTube Channel! Listen to the speakers, music and see recaps of each day!

ELCA Youth Gathering Listening/Evaluation Session!


The ELCA Youth Gathering selects a small number of synods to visit and hold listening sessions to evaluate the previous Gathering and listen for what is needed as they begin to plan the next Gathering. The NE MN Synod has been selected as one of their sites! All adult leaders who attended the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering are invited to attend:


Thursday, September 13, 2018 - Noon -2pm

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Duluth

1325 N 45th Ave E


Lunch is provided! Please register by September 10 so we know how many to plan for.




You are also invited to come at 10am for the NE MN Synod Networking meeting for adults who work with children, youth and family ministry.


Please note: This evaluation/listening session is for ELCA Youth Gathering input only, and not the Synod Journey! Gathering leaders will be confused if you start reflecting on our time in Galveston! =)

Synod Journey Offering

I have had several leaders ask about sending additional offering for either the Synod Journey or ELCA Youth Gathering. At this point it is best to send it directly to:

Synod Journey Offering: My recommendation is to send it to the United Way of Galveston, which will be able to distribute it among the many organizations we worked with. Donation information is on their website. If you prefer to send to the specific organization you worked with and cannot find their contact information online, please email Catherine Anderson to get their address.

ELCA Youth Gathering Offering: Send directly to one of the designated recipients listed on the Gathering's offering website. The links will take you to each organization where you should be able to find donation information.
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