The NE MN Synod Journey
to the
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering 
June 9, 2018
Two Weeks!
Can you believe it - two weeks from today you will be on buses heading to Texas! The piles of supplies are filling up the hallway at the synod office, final preparations are being made, and Texas is getting ready to welcome us!

Remember as you prepare...God has CALLED you to this Journey, God will give you HOPE and GRACE and LOVE for whatever may come, so that you and your youth can more deeply experience how JESUS Changes Everything!

On the Journey together,
Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Forms, Forms, Forms!

We are SO close to having everything turned in! The biggest concern I have is the number of adults who have not yet completed the Child Protection Training and emailed your certificate to If that is you, please stop what you are doing, click here for the instructions, and complete that today!

Remember - youth or adults CANNOT get on the bus on June 23rd unless ALL their forms have been submitted and properly filled out/signed!!

Final Confirmation Letters

Primary Leaders: The Final Confirmation Letters have been posted in your congregational accounts! The only piece of information you need to be concerned with on these is what time your launch is for the Service Learning Day and what bus to get onto. Use the information I sent in the Final Mailing to access you accounts. If you need to find your Congregational ID Numbers, I have posted them in the Frequently Asked Questions Document.

You can ignore all other information you see in your account, including the other forms. I have taken care of your housing, final payments and transportation! (And truth be told, I have already printed all your Final Confirmation Letters and made copies for you in case you forget yours. :)) They do ask for you to double-check the cell phone number for the Primary Leader - please do check that...and if it is incorrect, let me know.
Service Learning Launch Location... right at our hotel! Yay! Launch times will be at 6:45am and 7:15am as indicated on your Final Confirmation Letter. Don't wear yourselves out walking across the lobby to the bus. =)
Interactive Learning Tracks

The tracks for the Interactive Learning Center have been posted! From the website:

"For some, the Interactive Learning space can be overwhelming. To aid participants, we have added tracks which can help guide a participant or group through this program day. Ask yourself or your group what you're in the mood to learn about or what you are passionate about and find a track that suits you. You can do all the activities on a track or just some of them. They are a tool for you to experience your Interactive Learning Day!"

No Food in any NRG Venue

Posted recently by the Operations Team:
You are not able to bring food into any of the NRG Venues.
1. You can bring in food for severe allergies to NRG. Not for the entire group. 
2. There will be gluten free/vegetarian/dairy free options available in concessions. 
3. A cereal bar or two in your bag is fine. McDonald's bag of food isn't.

So please factor this into your meal planning! If you plan to try to bring food into the NRG venues anyway, I would make sure that each participant carries their own (so there is only one sandwich in a backpack, not 20) and be prepared to have it confiscated (and know your backup plan if that happens).

A reminder of food needed while in Houston and where you will be:
Thursday (Synod Day):
Brunch: Provided at hotel. You will be assigned an eating time between 9-10am.
Lunch: I would plan for a snack after our Synod Day, or an early supper. You would be able to have a snack on the bus ride to NRG or before you enter any of the buildings in NRG (be prepared for no shade options.)
Dinner: You will be at NRG Park

Friday (Service Learning Day):
Breakfast: On your own at hotel
Lunch: Provided by the Gathering (Bring your own if you have special food needs.)
Dinner: You will be at NRG Park

Saturday (Interactive Learning Day): 
Breakfast: On your own at hotel
Lunch: You will be at NRG Park
Dinner: You will be at NRG Park

Breakfast: On your own at hotel
Lunch: Provided at NRG Park
Dinner: On the road
Synod Journey Local

If you have youth not going on the Synod Journey, and have leaders who are willing to lead activities with them while we are gone, we have posted resources for a "Synod Journey Local" using the worship, family time guides and other resources that youth will be experiencing on the Journey. (Please do not share these with your youth that ARE going on the Synod Journey so they can fully be immersed in the experience in Galveston!)

Family Time Guides and Journals

If you would  like to prepare for Family Time before you arrive in Galveston, we have posted the Family Time Guides and the Journals on the Synod Journey Resource page. You are always welcome to use your own material as well. Every participant will receive a Journal on the bus ride down (even adults!).
Just an FYI...

Catherine will be at LYO Training camp Saturday, June 9 - Friday, June 15 and have limited opportunity to check and respond to emails. I will get back to you as soon as I can! Marilyn Hull will be checking emails at more frequently and if something is urgent, please call the synod office at 218-724-4424 and they will be able to get a message to me.
Keep Checking for Updates on our Facebook Group!

Almost daily now I am posting updates and reminders on our " NE MN Synod Journey 2018 Adult Leaders" group. Be sure to join if you are on Facebook so you get notifications in your newseed, and keep checking it frequently! It is the most timely way to get up to date information!
More Information!

Throughout this year, if you have any questions regarding registration, housing or anything else regarding the NE MN Synod Journey or ELCA Youth Gathering, please email Catherine Anderson or call 218-724-4424, ext. 124. There is no question too small!
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