The NE MN Synod Journey
to the
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering 
March 5, 2018
Important update on the Child Protection Training Instructions! 
It appears that when the instructions document was made into a PDF, the link to the login page was broken since it was on two lines....and took you to another website, which made it appear like you were in the right place when you weren't. I'm so sorry for any confusion and frustration that caused. 

I have fixed the instructions on the Synod Journey website. You can read the instruction here.

Or, the correct link to take you to the login page is

The complete note, with updated links is below.

On the Journey together,
Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Texas A&M University-Galveston Updates

I was recently made aware of requirements from Texas A&M that will unfortunately require some additional work from all of you. As you look through the required additions, it may be helpful to understand some terminology Texas A&M uses:
  • TAMUG: This is the acronym for Texas A&M University - Galveston.
  • Camp: TAMUG uses the term "camp" or "camp program" to refer to any group that stays on their campus involving young people. Every time you see the word "camp" think "Synod Journey."
  • Program Director/Sponsor: This title would refer to Catherine, as the overall leader for the Synod Journey.
Texas A&M requires their own liability waiver for each participant.
I have added it to the list of forms that are required by May 1. I tried to see if we could combine our synod release with the one they require, but they are not able to accept that. Don't be scared by their strong language and all caps! I did show this form to a lawyer who is also an adult leader on the Synod Journey (to make sure you weren't signing your life away to Texas), and he says it's mostly their way of doing due diligence and you'll still be able to go home with us at the end of the event. :)  Please note: Participants under the age of 18 do not need to sign this form, but their parents do.
Child Protection Training
Texas A&M requires every adult leader to complete an online Child Protection Training in order to stay on their campus with minors.
A password is required, and changes periodically. We will send the updated password in these updates as it changes.
The current password is:  Gyro$eQual#24
The next scheduled password change will be Monday, March 19.

The class takes about 45 minutes to complete. You need to complete a quiz at the end of each section and score 100% before you move on...but have no fear, you have unlimited attempts to pass! Once complete, the system will send you a link to download a Completion Certificate with a code on it. You need to download and save the Completion Certificate as a PDF, then email it to by May 1. We will send the code on to Texas A&M.
We fully support any action that protects our young people...and you, their adult leaders! This training offers that. I just wish they had told me about it last January when we started working with them so we could have talked about it at the Fall Training. Sometimes the language in these types of trainings makes you wonder if you can have any sort of relationship with children who are not your own. Let me assure you, the NE MN Synod strongly affirms and encourages relational ministry with young people, walking alongside them and accompanying them on their faith journey. The intent of this training is to create safe space for that to happen. We hold a great responsibility and trust with our young people - we want to make sure they are secure in knowing we are doing everything in our power to share Christ's love with them in ways that protect their physical, emotional and spiritual health!
The language in this training also assumes we are from Texas. While it's true that while in the state we are under their laws, I am confident if any need to report abuse issues arise, they will refer the report to Minnesota.
Getting Ready Materials
Don't forget to make your plan for your monthly meetings! An expectation of the Synod Journey is that groups meet at least monthly for group building, Bible studies and other activities to prepare for the Synod Journey and ELCA Youth Gathering. A variety of resources are  available on the Synod Journey Resource Page to assist you with these meetings.

And as always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!
More Information!

Throughout this year, if you have any questions regarding registration, housing or anything else regarding the NE MN Synod Journey or ELCA Youth Gathering, please email Catherine Anderson or call 218-724-4424, ext. 124. There is no question too small!
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