The NE MN Synod Journey
to the
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering 
May 17, 2018
The Final Stretch!
Can you 5 weeks we will be getting on buses to head to Texas!

That sentence excites me...and terrifies me - because my to do list only seems to be growing! Is the same true for you?! As you live in this space of holy excitement and terror, and continue the work God is doing through you in the lives of your young people, let me encourage you with this benediction by Richard Halverson, a Presbyterian minister and former Chaplain to the US Senate:

"You go nowhere by accident.  Wherever you go, God is sending you there.  God has put you there.  God has a purpose in you being there. 
Christ who indwells you  has something He wants to do through you
where you are. 
Believe this and go in His grace and love and power."

On the Journey together,
Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Special Skills Form

As we get ready for our servant events in Galveston and other activities, we're wondering what skills our adult leaders have! Can you take one minute to fill out this brief survey? It doesn't commit you to anything - we will follow up as needed! Thank you!

Forms, Forms, Forms!

Marilyn Hull is hard at work going through all the forms you have submitted. If you get an email or phone call from her with a list of what is still needed, please respond as soon as possible!

Remember - youth or adults CANNOT get on the bus on June 23rd unless ALL their forms have been submitted and properly filled out/signed!!

Sound Equipment

We are working on getting all the sound equipment for our band in Galveston, and wondering if any of your congregations have any of the items listed below...and if you do, if you'd be willing to let us bring it to Galveston to use for worship?

3 DI Boxes with Thru Input (might also say "link input")
4 mics with cords (or wireless)
3 speakers/monitors with cords
4 mic stands
14+ channel mixer

1 portable screen (at least 5' wide)
T-Shirts on the Journey

As you plan t-shirts for your group, here is what we are currently thinking for when to wear specific shirts:
  • Wednesday, June 27: Synod Journey Shirt (provided, Carolina Blue)
  • Thursday, June 28: Congregation Shirt (optional)
  • Friday, June 29: ELCA Youth Gathering Shirt (Neon Orange)
Spring Training for Adult Leaders

We have posted a video of the Spring Training, along with the PowerPoint, handouts and other information that was shared on the Training Events page. If you are a leader that was not able to attend with your group, we HIGHLY encourage you to watch the video!
Volunteers Needed!

We still need 1-2 more groups to volunteer with the Synod Day on Thursday, June 28. It would involve arriving early (we will get you there) and passing things out during the worship service. If your group would be interested, please email Leigha Lange
Final Mailing - Coming to your Mailbox by June 1!

Just a reminder that Primary Leaders will receive one final mailing by June 1, that will include:
  • Final Itinerary
  • Bus Pick-Up Locations/Time
  • Packing List
  • Housing Assignments
  • Final Updates
The mailing will also be posted on the Mailings page on the website, where you can also find previous mailings and email updates.
Offering Checks

For those of you who will be writing checks for your offering, checks can be made payable to:
  • In Galveston, for the Synod Journey offering: "NE MN Synod LYO Gathering Account"
  • In Houston, for the ELCA Youth Gathering: "ELCA Youth Gathering"
Keep Checking for Updates on our Facebook Group!

Almost daily now I am posting updates and reminders on our " NE MN Synod Journey 2018 Adult Leaders" group. Be sure to join if you are on Facebook so you get notifications in your newseed, and keep checking it frequently! It is the most timely way to get up to date information!
More Information!

Throughout this year, if you have any questions regarding registration, housing or anything else regarding the NE MN Synod Journey or ELCA Youth Gathering, please email Catherine Anderson or call 218-724-4424, ext. 124. There is no question too small!
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