Joining Synod
We are less than one week away from the 160th Regular Session of Synod!

The Opening Worship will be livestreamed on YouTube and on Facebook on Thursday, November 25th from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm. Meetings will be held virtually using an Online Event Platform on Friday, November 26th from 9:45 m to 5:00 pm and on Saturday, November 27th from 9:45 am to 12 noon. Watch your email for a link to access the webpage next week.
Opening Worship
There are a limited number of seats available for those who would like to worship in person at St. James Cathedral for the Opening Eucharist on Thursday, November 25th at 6:45 pm. **Please note that people present in the Cathedral will be able to hear, but not necessarily see, those portions of the service, including the Bishop’s Charge, that have been pre-recorded for the livestream.** Click the button below to register.
Members' Time
Synod gatherings are a time of worship, inspiration and education, as well as a forum for affirming the direction of our ministry together. Clerical and Lay Members will have the opportunity to speak to Synod during Members' Time.
How will Members' Time work?
  • A call Call-in Centre will manage Member's Time. To participate, you must call 1-866-438-1084. Turn down the volume on your laptop to avoid feedback when dialing into the Call in Centre.
  • The operator will ask you to provide your name and parish/ministry and then place you in a queue.

Rules for Members' Time:
  1. To participate, you must call 1-866-438-1084
  2. Begin by stating your name and parish
  3. Address and speak to the Chair
  4. Speak in the first person
  5. Be respectful during discussions
  6. Limit comments to 3 minutes
  7. Offer only new perspectives
Elections for General Synod
The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada is the Church’s chief governing and legislative body. It is made up of members from every diocese and all three orders (lay people, priests and bishops) from across the country. It meets every three years, during which members exchange information, set policy for the Church and pass resolutions and canons.

At Synod, members who have voting rights will be asked to vote for 7 clergy and 7 lay members to serve as members of General Synod. Read the slate of nominees and biographical information for both Clerical and Lay Members under Elections for General Synod in the Section A of the Convening Circular.
Elections for the proposed Synod Council
At the 2019 Synod, the Governance Working Group (GWG) presented a governance pilot project for the Diocese that would reshape the current governance structure with the creation of the Synod Council. The Synod Council would be an amalgamation of the Diocesan Council and the Executive Board, and would generally exercise the executive powers of the Synod between sessions except those of a legislative character.
Synod approved a motion to pilot this project in 2019, but the motion about constitutional changes did not pass. At the upcoming Synod, the GWG will bring the motion on constitutional changes back for second reading.

If Synod approves the Governance Pilot Project, members who have voting rights will be asked to elect 5 Clerical Members and 5 Lay Members to serve on the proposed Synod Council. Read the slate of nominees and biographical information for both Clerical and Lay Members in the Section A of the Convening Circular.
We hope you have found this newsletter helpful. Another newsletter will be sent to you soon. In the meantime, send us your questions about 2021 Regular Synod and we will do our best to answer it in our next newsletter.
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