Southwestern Washington Synod- 2020, Episode 2
As Synod leadership we would like to amplify the variety of voices across the Southwestern Washington Synod, so we’ve started this monthly feature, Synod Voices.  As a Church, we are facing challenging situations and finding creative, Spirit-led solutions to work for justice across the street and around the world. We choose to advocate for people of all identities and listen to diverse voices. Understanding who we are as a Synod helps us honor human dignity and create an authentically inclusive church.
My Name isBonnie Sanchez

My Home Church/City is: Faith Lutheran - Elma WA

My job/position is: Deacon Intern

I understand my identity as: I am a Native American/mixed race mother and grandmother.

I am a Lutheran because: I love the foundations of love and outreach in the Lutheran Church as well as it's commitment to unity in the body of Christ.

My story is:
I don't even know where to begin. I am from humble beginnings, I have survived many tragedies and have been blessed with a mutually beneficial twenty-five year marriage as well as wonderful and talented children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

All my life, from the time I could begin to comprehend God, I have been aware of my Creator on some level; leading me, catching me, waiting for me and have desired more knowledge and more of the Holy Spirit. I went to Sunday School at a Lutheran Church in the South Seattle suburbs, lived and worked on the Quinault Reservation for eighteen years and worked at the Squaxin Island Tribe (where I am enrolled) for about fourteen years.

I have great respect for the Indian Shaker Church and also for traditional Native American beliefs and I wish that we could all try harder to understand one another in love. I have experienced many different denominations depending on where I lived at the time and think that helps me to be able to connect with people in ministry.

Something people don't usually know about me is: I love genealogical research. Along with my Native American heritage, I am also a descendant of pioneer Mormon settlers and Mayflower travelers.

To me, GRACE means: Another chance to get it right. Forgiveness; again and again. Growth and assistance from the Holy Spirit.

I share my faith by: Writing, speaking when necessary and most important; listening. You cannot share if you refuse to listen.

My favorite symbol of my faith is: I have never thought about this: maybe a campfire... where the fish are already cooking, provided by the Risen Lord while we were still striving trying to catch fish.

I pray for: The world, for peace, for people to rise above their circumstances and realize the value of Creation and every living thing. For the manifestation of love in the world.

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