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Reform Party of Syria

RPS Newsletter - April 9, 2011    

"No one has the right to be a master of a nation" - Suhair al-Atassi


Syrians are on the Move (160)

Dara'a. Live ammunition was used against mourners in Dara'a today during procession of funerals of some 30 people who died yesterday in Dara'a alone. RPS received information that several more people were killed and tens of injuries.

Aleppo. A Video of people in Aleppo demonstrating today at the al-Bab al-Sharqi in support of the people of Dara'a.

Banias. A Video of a demonstration during the day but tonight its citizens are reporting that five tanks have entered the city. All communications have been cut-off since.

Homs. A Video of the citizens of Homs capture and beat a government infiltrator who was inciting the people of Homs to burn the Security HQ building in Homs. Why? So that the government retaliates against unarmed civilians.

Al-Moara'aba. A new demonstration on the outskirts of Dara'a started at nightfall.

Homs Province. Rescue calls on Facebook have reported that the Republican Guard has just entered the town of al-Hawla and Taldo in the Homs Province.

On The Agenda. Next Friday's demonstrations are being called "Friday's Call for the Syrian Army".