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Monthly Newsletter | February 2023

What Is UX + UI?

If you are a designer or web developer, you’ve probably heard of the terms “UX” and “UI” before. If not, these two terms may sound like something out of a science fiction movie. But in the world of technology, UI and UX are two words that are frequently mentioned and sometimes used interchangeably. But what do these terms mean?

User Interface (or UI) refers to the visual elements that the audience interacts with when visiting a website, app or any other device. This can be screens, buttons, toggles and icons. When developing a website or an app, a UI designer will organize the page layout, choose the color palettes and fonts, and design all interactive elements such as scrollers, toggles, drop-down menus, text fields and other buttons. They will also make high-fidelity wire-frames and layouts to show users what the final design will look like. User interface is more visual; this is the color, typography, layout and overall aesthetic of a website.

User experience (UX) is the entire interaction a user has with a product, including how they feel about it. The goal is to create a product that is accessible, functional and enjoyable. The term “UX” often applies to digital products (like websites, smartphones, apps, etc.), but this can also be applied to traditional products as well (a good example would be household appliances such as coffee makers, laundry devices, etc.). The role of a UX designer is to conduct research to identify goals, needs, behaviors, etc. that are involved with a product interaction, develop user personas based on their target audience, analyze how a user interacts with a product, build wire-frames and prototypes to hone in on what the final product will look like, perform user testing to validate the design and identify any problems and collaborate with stakeholders, developers and UI designers.

These terms are different, yet go hand in hand in producing an amazing product- be it a website or a household item. As marketers, it’s important to understand these terms and the work that goes into it. Making sure a product (or even our company website) looks great and is accessible to our target audience is also a part of what we do, even though we are not designers.

Happy Advertising! 

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Happy Birthday, Miguel!

In honor of Miguel’s special day, we took him out for lunch at Bistro Byronz. We had a great time celebrating our creative guru.

When our friends at Electronic Business Systems asked us to help remodel their website, we jumped at the opportunity. Our creative team did an amazing job giving this website a makeover; it looks incredible now!

A Day in the Life of Kathryn

Kathryn is a young woman of many talents. Between being a senior at LSU, editing, pulling analytics and assisting the creative team with social media conception, she hardly ever has downtime here at the office. But she decided to take a moment and share her day. Here’s a sneak peek at a day in the life of our multimedia assistant, Kathryn:


“When I first get to the office, I typically check my email and see what tasks I need to accomplish for the day. My usual tasks include editing videos, proofing and reviewing content for future social media posts and coming up with ideas for social media. I also pull analytics from Google for all of our clients as well as keep track of and manage social media. After completing those tasks, I’ll check in with Maranda before I finish up for the day. And finally, I log my hours and head off to class!”

Congrats, Maranda!

The team at Octagon Media would like for you all to join us in congratulating our media director and CEO, Maranda, on winning the Excellence in Sales & Marketing Award presented by the Sales & Marketing Executive organization. This award was well-deserved!

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