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The last issue of the System exChange discussed how to overcome common barriers to action. Click here for this last issue.

This week's System exChange builds on these ideas and highlights how to encourage action by helping people see their role in change.
Overcoming barriers to action:
Help people see their role in change
Sometimes people don't think they have the power to make change. 

For example, direct staff and residents often struggle to see how their role in the community system could influence change. As a result, they hesitate to take action.

How do you overcome this barrier?

Make everyone (direct staff, residents, community members, etc.) a change agent within their own scope of influence.

Example Facilitation Questions 
Use the following facilitation and reflection questions to help stakeholders identify how they can become an actor of change. These questions are adapted from Lipmanosicz & McCandless, 2013.

  • What is your sphere of influence or area of responsibility related to _______________?

  • Where do you have the freedom and power to act? 

  • What actions would require no or only a few additional resources?

  • Given the above, what are some quick win activities you can start to explore?
TIP: Keep it feasible by breaking actions into small steps.

If you notice individuals hesitate to take on an action – it probably means the task needs to be broken down into smaller steps. 

Propose some ideas for how to break an action into more feasible next steps, or ask the group to help come up with realistic actions. 
Guide for how to identify quick wins to support every stage of the change process.
Tips for how to help individuals plan out quick win actions during collaborative meeting processes.
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March 2019
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  • Lipmanosicz, J., & McCandless, K (2013). The surprising power of liberating structures. Seattle, WA: Liberating Structures Press.