T.W.I.G. (Together We Ignite Giving) Newsletter
February 2022 | Edition 4
The Twig Thrift Shop is Open!
Are you cleaning out your closets or downsizing your home? The Twig Thrift Shop accepts donations during Opening Hours to include clothing, accessories, books, gifts & more. For details regarding what you can donate Click Here

Spring Business Hours are:

THURSDAYS 10am-3pm
& 6pm-8pm
FRIDAYS 10am-3pm
SATURDAYS 10am-4pm

Check Out our website for Weekly & Special Sales Information:

The Twig Thrift Shop is located at 106 N. Columbus Street in Old Town. All proceeds benefit Inova Alexandria Hospital.

Twig is selling the
“Together We Ignite Giving” Tote Bags

Are you already tired of paying the 5 cents tax on shopping bags in Virginia. Here's a tip: Show your support of the T.W.I.G. and purchase a reusable and washable tote bag instead. The bags are $20.00 including tax and will be mailed to you or ...you can pick up one at The Twig Thrift Shop.

Send your check payable to The Twig and add the word “Bag” in the reference field on your check.

Mail your check to: The Twig, PO Box 26324, Alexandria, Virginia 22313
Perfect for the Farmer's Market and
shopping around town!

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This newsletter is produced by the Corporate Fundraising and Marketing Committee at The Twig, The Junior Auxiliary of Inova Alexandria Hospital.
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