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Scout Troop 599 Newsletter
 Week of September 28th
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Final Request for PAST DUE Registration Packets
19 Scouts are Still NOT Registered and Will Be Dropped
We are now three weeks past the September 8 deadline to complete your re-registration packet and 19 scouts have not returned completed forms with their dues checks.  These scouts are in danger of being DROPPED on the upcoming re-charter application.  If your name is listed below, you have not returned your completed re-registration packet and dues check:
Daniel Bang
Tristan Benwell
Jake Bradley
Lynnwood Campbell
Daniel Canas
Jacob Collins
Francisco Cordova
Robert Eckert
Sam Habel
Hank Harrington
James Harris
Richard Harris
Nicholas Herrmann
Jacob Lewis
John Marrow
Collin McKnight
Owen Mundwiller
Chase Sirmons
Andrew Stallworth
The re-registration packet is available by clicking on the following this direct link or by going to the Troop website (, clicking on the Troop Forms button and clicking on the Registration Packet [Returning Scouts] link on the drop down menu.  You should be able to complete the re-registration packet in less than 10 minutes, including 5 minutes to find your pen and checkbook.  Most of the information requested is needed to update our communication and transportation databases. 

Bring your completed forms and dues checks to the next meeting and give to our Committee Chairman, Walter Brookhart, or your Patrol Advisor.  Thank you in advance for your prompt response!

Troop Open House on Tuesday - Start time 7:00

The meeting starts at 7:00 this Tuesday.  This Tuesday is our Open House.  Please wear your name tag and be there on time.  There is NO FEC meeting, NO merit badge class, and NO greenery turn-in.
Don't forget how important it is to be respectful.  That is very important for those scouts who are choosing a troop. 
Scouting for Food
The Troop 599 Food Drive, our annual service tradition, kicks off on Tuesday night, October 6, 2015, at 6:30 PM (no FCE).
We will finish up on the Drive on the following Saturday morning, October 10, 2015, and be finished by roughly noon.
Service Hours are awarded and all Scouts are expected to attend.  Please save these dates.
New Troop Communications Tool Available! 

Troop 599 is trying a new service from Remind to send text messages to alert Scouts and Families on upcoming events and activities.  Please follow the instructions to the right to sign up.  You do not require any app to receive the messages and they service is confidential.  Many children are already using the Remind service for their School communications.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Henry Goodrow via
Thank You
Henry Goodrow

First Class Emphasis (FCE) Program

There will be no FCE program this week because of the Troop open house.
Troop 599 Training Programs:

Adult Training - YPT for Adult Registration and Safety Afloat & Safe Swim Defense to Support October Water Outing
To renew your registration as a Troop adult leader you will need to renew your Youth Protection Training if your YPT certification was before January 1, 2014.   Just less than 20 adults still need to re-new this 2 year training for registration this Fall.  Please assist out our Troop by taking the on-line Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense training to support our October outing.  Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense are short on-line sessions which covers the 8-9 principals that the BSA has set up for outings of this type. 

To get the training (new instructions as of 9/20/15):   
Go to     You do not have to be a registered leader but you have to set up an account in the system if this is your first time. 
Click on "New to Scouting?/ Click here to Take Training" - and then find YPT or Training Center for Safety Afloat/Safe Swim Defense.

Review the material and answer the questions. 

Once you have completed please let us know your completion date and send a copy of the certificates to - and .

High Adventure and Outings 
October Outing Signup Now Online
Signup for the October 16-18th Canoeing & Kayaking outing is now online on the Troop website.  We are going to San Marcos again.  Signup will close on Sunday night (10:00pm) October 11th. Please signup early as we need a head count for canoe and kayak rentals.
33rd Annual Spring Break Ski Trip
Sign up for the 33rd annual Troop 599 Ski Trip is online on the Outings page on the Troop website.  If you have any questions please see Mr. Beebe. 

There's No Greenery Turn-in tomorrow.
Please sell your greenery.  Everyone is required to sell at least $300 worth of greenery.  Those who turn in a $100 dollars in sales are eligible for a drawing of prizes. The prize drawing for turn-ins on the 21st will be held on October 5th.


Ruthanne Schulte 

Order of the Arrow

Each year our troop holds an election for scouts to become members of the OA.  OUR troop election will be held November 3rd. Make sure you attend this troop meeting to vote for fellow scouts into the OA. Also OA members make your calendar for ONWARD & UPWARD Pow Wow 2015. This event will happen November 6-8th @ Bovay Scout Ranch. Sign up to join fellow Arrowmen in a weekend of fun and fellowship. Again if any Arrowmen is looking for a leadership position please consider become troop 599 OA Rep.  See me if you have any questions.
Zach Tittle 

Patrol Advisers
As a reminder, each patrol has an adult mentor who has volunteered to advise the scouts of that patrol in various matters such as preparation for camp outs and rank advancement, and execution of their duties in their POR in some circumstances. The currents assignments for these Patrol Advisers is as follows:

Badgers - Keith Moriarty
Bobcats - David Ladyga
Dragons - Yash Sbar
Lightning  - Lynn Christiansen
Rams - Chip Saegert
Raptors (FCE) - Tim Napp
Rattlesnakes - Juan Carlos Brugo
Scorpion (FCE) - Tim Napp
Thunderbirds (Staff) - Adam White
Wolves -Bill McPhillips