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Scout Troop 599 Newsletter
 Week of September 7th
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Upcoming Dates and Activities
Sign up for Horseback Riding/ Biking/ Fishing/ Hiking Outing on Sept 18.  You can choose to do one or all the activities, or just relax an work on your requirements to earn 1st Class. P lease sign up online by Sunday, Sept 13th!
On Tuesday, Sept 8th - No FCE.  Come and bring your parents to the Court of Honor (COH) at 7pm
On  Tuesday, Sept 15th
  • Second Class, 7b - First Aid Kit - we will be going over / inspecting your first aid kids.  See the required items in your book.
  • Patrol Corners for everyone going on the campout - Bring $10 for food
  • For others, come prepared to work on a requirement of your choice with one of the adults
On   Friday, Sept 18th - Campout Time!  Meet at the Scout Hut at 5:30pm with a sack dinner or money for dinner on the road (your driver may or may not stop)

Registration Time Is Here Again
Every fall, Troop 599 must re-charter with Sam Houston Area Council.  Part of that re-charter requires that all returning scouts re-register with the Troop.  Registration is accomplished by completing our short re-registration packet and paying your dues for the 2015-16 scouting year.  The packet is available by clicking on the following direct link  [insert link here] or by going to the Troop website (,  clicking on the Troop Forms link and clicking on the Registration Packet link on the Forms page.  You should be able to complete the re-registration packet in less than 10 minutes, including 5 minutes to find your pen and checkbook.  Most of the information requested is needed to update our communication and transportation databases.  Please complete and return to our Committee Chairman, Walter Brookhart, as soon as possible and not later than September 8.  Thank you in advance for your prompt response!
Walter R. Brookhart
Committee Chairman

2015-16 Troop Calendar Posted on Website
The 2015-16 Scout Calendar for Troop 599 has been finalized and is now available on the website.  Go to and click on the calendar link on the Home Page or the calendar link on the drop down menu on the Forms Page.  If you are a scout, please print and put in your scout notebook and/or post on your home bulletin board (or refrigerator, if that is where you spend all of your time.).  Updates and last minute changes, as needed throughout the year, will be noted in the weekly emails and monthly newsletter. 

We have an exciting year planned and you can get a quick preview by checking out the calendar.  See when we will be going on outings, where we will be going and what we will be doing.  Leadership classes have been returned to a monthly format; see when they meet so you can be sure to attend, if you are in a leadership position.  See when other important events are scheduled, e.g., Courts of Honor, Food Drive, Scout Sunday, Eagle Courts of Honor, NYLT, Camporee and summer camp. If you are an adult volunteer, see when the Troop Committee and Patrol Advisers will meet.  And for appropriate scouts, adult leaders and parents, see when we will present programs such as Life to Eagle, Climb on Safely, Beyond FCE and Introduction to the troop for New FCE Parents. 

Welcome Back to the Best Year of Scouting Ever,
Walter Brookhart
Committee Chairman
Troop 599 Training Programs:

Adult Training - YPT for Adult Registration and Safety Afloat & Safe Swim Defense to Support October Water Outing

To renew your registration as a Troop adult leader you will need to renew your Youth Protection Training if your YPT certification was before January 1, 2014.   Approximately 20 adults still need to re-new this 2 year training for registration this Fall.  Please assist out our Troop by taking the on-line Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense training to support our October outing.  Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense are short on-line sessions which covers the 8-9 principals that the BSA has set up for outings of this type.  To get the training (new instructions as of 9/7/15):   

Training can be done on-line as follows:
You do not have to be a registered leader but you have to set up an account in the system if this is your first time. 
Click on "New to Scouting?/ Click here to Take Training" - and then find YPT or Training Center for Safety Afloat/Safe Swim Defense.

Review the material and answer the questions.  Once you have completed please let us know your completion date and send a copy of the certificates to - and .
High Adventure and Outings 
SEPTEMBER OUTING, Sept 18th - 20th, 2015
Sign up for the September Outing is now ONLINE.
This outing will be a great way to start the new Scout Year.  We will be going to Huntsville State Park and you will have the opportunity to Horseback Ride, to Fish, to Bicycle, to Hike and to hang out around camp and Lake Raven.  Please sign up as soon as possible so we can get final headcounts and how many of you will be Horseback Riding.
33rd Annual Spring Break Ski Trip
Sign up for the 33rd annual Troop 599 Ski Trip is now ONLINE on the Outings page on the Troop website.
The Troop will be going to Keystone, Colorado again in March 2016 (11th-19th) for our annual Ski Trip.  We need Scouts and Adults to sign up for this exciting trip.  Everyone that signs up no later than SEPTEMBER 6th will get a discount on their lift tickets as I am able to buy tickets at a considerable (30%) discount by Labor Day.  After that you will have to pay the higher price.  Currently the total cost of the trip is estimated to be $1,000 per participant (without the early signup discount) which includes transportation, condo, food, Ski equipment and Lift tickets. Additional information will be posted soon on the website. If you have any questions please see Mr. Beebe.  
Order of the Arrow

Hello fellow OA members.  All Scouts who were elected to the OA last fall need to complete an Ordeal in 2015. There is only 3 ordeals left for 2015. Don't miss your chance to complete the process to be a member of Colonneh Lodge. Mark your calendars for theses upcoming dates. 1) Ordeal at Brosig Sept 11-13. 2) Fall PowWow  Nov 6-8.  
OA Rep 
Zach Tittle
Patrol Advisers
As a reminder, each patrol has an adult mentor who has volunteered to advise the scouts of that patrol in various matters such as preparation for camp outs and rank advancement, and execution of their duties in their POR in some circumstances. The currents assignments for these Patrol Advisers is as follows:


Badgers - Keith Moriarty

Dragons - Yash Sbar

Bobcats - David Ladyga

Rams - Chip Saegert

Phoenix (FCE) - Alex McDonald/Jeff Pyle (Asst.)

Lightning - Lynn Christiansen

Raptors (FCE) - Dave Gilbronson

Rattlesnakes - Juan Carlos Brugo

Scorpion (FCE) - Tim Napp

Thunderbirds (Staff) - Adam White

Wolves -Bill McPhillips

Upcoming dates - 
9/8/2015 - Court of Honor (No FCE)


Please review the full calendar by visiting this link!