July 12, 2020
Dear Parents:
We hope this letter finds you and your family well.
We would like to update you about a change in this year’s scholarship process. In order to simplify the process for many of our families, we will be making an allowance for certain families to skip the tuition scholarship application, and receive the same level scholarship as they did last year. Here is how it works:
Scholarship applications should be filled out ONLY by those who have had more than a 5% change (+/-) in income from last year. If your income has not changed by more than 5%, please certify below, and your tuition amount will remain at the same level as last year, prorating for any necessary adjustments needed for entering a new division or tuition level.  

If your income has changed by more than 5% (+/-) and you will be applying for tuition assistance, please click HERE to access the form. 

Please note : you will need to enable pop-ups to access the form. 

As in the past, this form is being used by many of our schools, which can be completed once, and will be automatically submitted to each individual school.
Tuition payments will be made utilizing the FACTS Tuition Management Program. FACTS will continue to provide the discounted annual fee to families using the monthly option for the second and subsequent schools in which their children are enrolled. For example, if a family was using FACTS to pay for children in Talmudical Academy, Bais Yaakov, and Bais Medrash and Mesivta, they would be charged annually $86 ($43+$21.50+$21.50) instead of $129 ($43+$43+$43). It is recommended to contact FACTS once you receive your confirmation letter, before the fee is processed, to have it discounted. If you do not contact FACTS until after the fee has been processed, the discount will be provided in the form of a refund check which will take up to 2 weeks to be processed.
In order to receive the discounted rate, parents must make the request directly to FACTS Management at 866‐441‐4637.  If you have any questions regarding these procedures or FACTS, please feel free to contact FACTS Management and a team member will be able to assist you. If you prefer, you may contact TA or any of the schools that your form is being sent to. 
Wishing you a wonderful summer,
TA Tuition Committee