Calling all TAA members! We invite you to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Texas Auctioneer Association by taking part in our social media "60th Anniversary Celebration Week!"
Each day, you will get an email giving you all the material you need to take part in the 60th anniversary celebration week for the Texas Auctioneer Association! Use the hashtags #TAAPro #AuctionsInTexas #ThinkAuctionFirst in all of your posts to help raise awareness for our organization & our industry! Another tip: Photos, graphics, & videos help grab people's attention when posting on social media! You can also check the TAA Facebook Page to keep yourself on track!

TAA 60th Anniversary Celebration Week: Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 7

Day 1 - Make the 60th anniversary logo your profile picture on all your social media (leave it up all week) and if you are able to, share a celebration moment with the TAA!

Day 2 - Share the TAA promotional video educating the public on why to think Auctions first! Feel free to put this video on your website or share with your clients!

Day 3 - Why think auctions first? Give the public and your followers at least one reason why they should choose Auctions first. Feel free to let your clients get involved!

Day 4 - Auctioneer in the Community: Share ways you have helped your community as an auctioneer!

Day 5 - Fun Photo Friday: Share fun photos you have accumulated while on your auction journey!

Day 6 - Members Helping Members: Share photos or stories of how other TAA members have helped you or how you have helped other TAA members!

Day 7 - Share a statement telling the public why you are an auctioneer with the Texas Auctioneer Association. 
If we all work together, we will spread the message to THINK AUCTION FIRST!