Texas Auctioneers Association | Block Talk | January 2021
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Get 1% Better
By: Troy Robinett, PRI - TAA 1st Vice President
Well, here we are. Mid January and there’s a pretty good chance your “ New Years Resolution” has been blown up by cup cakes and canceled gym membership! You tried. You gave it your best effort. But, you fell off the cookies and cream band wagon. And that’s that.
The truth is, you never stood a chance. You never laid the ground work for success. You just said, "I’m going to do X.....” and that was that. You might of not had a weight lose goal. It might of been business or personal one. However, you’ve still failed. I’m going to give you some advice that is going to make ANY goal or dream of yours realistic! 
Are you ready.....GET 1% BETTER!!! Simple as that! Today, your goal is to get 1% better at whatever it is you want to achieve! Tomorrow your goal is to get 1% better from that, the day after get 1% better from that, the day after that..... you get the point. 
I personally have a goal of being a World Champion Auctioneer. Everyday, I wake up and ask myself“ What can I do today to achieve my 1%?” Work on my filler words? Breathing exercises? Watch YouTube videos of past Champion? The possibilities are endless. In 100 days I’ll be a 100 times better than I was just 100 short days ago! 1% is attainable. Truth be know it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. Just a conscious decision to get 1% better day in and day out and you WILL achieve your goal! 
So, what’s your goal? Personal, Professional ? Now what is your plan for achieving your 1% better DAY IN AND DAY OUT?
Online Auction Software - The Right Platform
By: Lance Swigert, CAI - TAA Past President
Howdy TAA members! Covid required each auctioneer to evaluate their auction company and their use of technology. The auction industry has long debated the use of online auctions and how it fits in with the auction industry. Well, as 2020 made that decision for us, we all learned that online auctions have to be a tool within our toolbox if we want to continue to run our businesses. Whether that is through simulcast auctions or strictly online-only auctions, auctioneers have had to latch on to the concept and drink from a firehose if they were not already using those technologies.

So, I’m happy to say, “Congratulations,” to those auctioneers that have weathered the storms and made it through 2020. Hopefully, you have seen the benefits many of us auction companies have seen from online sales and the better auction prices this year. Take some time to evaluate in January how your business is running. Maybe you jumped full force into a platform and now it is time to make sure that that technology is going to serve your business needs the best. Maybe you have been using a platform even before 2020 and these questions and information can help you evaluate what you are currently using. Maybe you are still holding out to see if the lingering effects of COVID-19 are going to make you use online auctions?

I hope you can glean some valuable information from this article. 

Read the full article here.
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