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Tip From An Old Auctioneer
By: Lori Lemons-Campbell, CAI, GPPA
Do’s & Don’ts Locating a Vehicle Identification Number on a Lightweight Vehicle

I was recently discussing with Jackie Shillingburg, President Elect ongoing issues concerning locating Vehicle Identification #’s on lightweight vehicles.

When a Seller contracts an Auctioneer to sell vehicles, they are hiring us for our knowledge and expertise. I have listed some Do’s & Don’ts from my own experience and hope they will help you locate vehicle ID #s before your next auction.

Do: Compare the vehicle title ID# next to the vehicle ID# located on the vehicle. I recommend making a copy of the title when available instead of standing outside in the elements with a hand full of titles. On a windy or rainy day this could be devasting.

Do: First, utilize the Vehicle ID# located on the dashboard of the vehicle just below the registration sticker on the driver’s side. Secondly, you may utilize the Vehicle ID # located on the door jamb of the vehicle if available.

Don’t:  Do not use the vehicle ID # on the edge of the Driver’s Side door UNLESS you actually are informed that this is the original door of the vehicle. 

Experience:  There are instances when a Seller may remove the original door on a vehicle and replace it with a different door from another vehicle that they have in their possession. Now the door has the Vehicle ID# from another vehicle and you have utilized that vehicle ID#, utilized that title, and sold the vehicle by auction.

Do: My last and final location when trying to locate the vehicle ID # on older vehicles is to look inside the glove compartment of the vehicle. I utilize this location when I am unable to locate the vin # on the dashboard, door jamb, or confirmed original door. 

Experience: If you are unable to locate a vehicle Identification # in the three (3) locations that I have mentioned than do not auction this vehicle until the issue is resolved.

Resolution: Have the Owner/Seller call their local motor vehicle department to confirm who handles issuing replacement VINs in their area. The Owner/Seller will take the vehicle to the vehicle assigned inspection location for vehicle ID# verification. Make sure they take an original copy of the title with them for proof of the vehicle ID#. Upon inspection and approval, the Owner/Seller will receive a replacement vehicle ID# tag to be attached to the vehicle for future vehicle ID# confirmation. Once Auctioneer has received confirmed payment for the vehicle than auctioneer will supply the inspection document to the new owner along with the original title. 
All TCAP Courses Offered this Year!
By: Jackie Lemons-Shillingburg, CAI, AMM, PRI - TAA PRESIDENT ELECT
The Texas Auctioneers Association is excited to announce that 2020 is the first year that we are offering all three tracts for the Texas Certified Auction Professional course.
The TCAP courses were developed to further educate the recent auction school graduate. Once graduates receive their auctioneer license the top question you receive most often is “What do I do now?” Great Question?
The auction industry can only survive through our new generation of auctioneers. Our job as auction professionals and as an association is to teach them the skills to survive and grow by supplying them with the tools to become successful in their future endeavors.
Now here is the question that I am receiving from the seasoned auction professionals, “What can these courses offer me?” As a second-generation auctioneer I can tell you by experiencing the intense education firsthand from the very beginning, that you can teach an old dog new tricks. TCAP Business Course 1 helped me set up a business plan and restructure my business. The TCAP Marketing Course 2 taught me how to fine tune my sales & marketing skills. I will be finishing up my certification this year with the TCAP Auction Logistics Course 3 and cannot wait to learn new techniques and trends that will enhance my business operations.
Here is a general breakdown of what the courses can offer you:
TCAP Business Fundamentals Intensive Course 1 offers Business Planning & Setup, Start Up Financial Expectations and Trends, Technology Boot Camp for Start up and the Hard Knocks Panel.
TCAP Marketing At All Angles Course 2 offers The role of your website in marketing company & events, prospecting and lead generation, closing & role play, advertising trends and media buying updates, sales & marketing strategies, building clients, and communication skills, marketing pearls panel what worked for us and what didn’t-staffing tips & Q&A. *Free head-shot offered during lunch and free starter set business cards*
TCAP Auction Logistics Course 3 offers Identifying needs & audience, physical set ups, clerking, cataloguing, using checklist, online vs live auction needs, distribution and future trends, audio visual & sound tips, Insurance trends, live mini auction training and differences in auction type logistics panel. *TAA Auctioneer Mentors Offered for 6 months to intern or advise*
All Courses can be taken separately and in no particular order.   You do not have to be a member of the TAA or a licensed auctioneer to attend these courses. Once attendees have completed all courses offered, they will earn the Texas Certified Auction Professional (TCAP) credential, receive a certificate, recognition and lapel pin. Staff may attend with Auctioneer at the same rate.
You can register online HERE ! Register before April 15, 2020 to receive the early rate.
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TAA will be awarding a Scholastic Scholarship and the Jim Sample Endowment Scholarship at the Convention in 2020. More details can be found here.

Deadline for submission is April 1, 2020.

The purpose of the TAA Scholastic Scholarship is to advance education by providing a scholarship to be awarded to a deserving candidate who is a student with a parent(s) or grandparent(s) holding a current TAA membership. The candidate must be enrolled in an institution of advanced education of higher learning, including junior college, college, or vocational educational schools. All applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee chairman to verify eligibility. The winner will be selected by a committee of four TAA full-member auctioneers. The winner will be required to forward proof of enrollment.

The J im Sample Endowment Scholarship honors the memory of those who impacted the auction industry and the Texas Auctioneer Association organization. The scholarship will provide the winner full tuition to America's Auctioneer Academy.
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