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Clayton Bruton Seriously Injured in Crash
Clayton Bruton, third from the right, pictured here with family members.
As many of you have heard by now, Clayton Bruton of Tradewind Ag Service in El Campo was seriously injured when his plane apparently stalled during a turn while spraying.  The accident occurred last Sunday, May 28th.  Clayton is the son of Paul and Patricia Bruton and grandson of Bert and Shirley Bruton, a family well-known in the ag aviation industry.  Paul is currently serving on the TAAA Board of Directors, and Lacricia Bruton Ryan, Clayton's sister, played a key role in promoting TAAA's safety initiative in 2015 to require the marking of towers.  Set forth below is a note written by Lacricia that we have printed with her permission.  
Clayton is 19 years old, but had already spent a fair amount of time in a spray plane and obviously has been around the business his entire life.  He remains in intensive care at Memorial Hermann in Houston. TAAA sends its prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery to the Clayton and the entire Bruton family.  Here is Lacricia's note:
5/28/17 definitely marks the
 scariest day of our lives. As many of you know, Clayton has been pursuing his dreams of flying. Honestly, he has been incredible. (Not just because he is my brother..) but Clayton has always been brilliant. The smartest of us 3 kids. He's studied hard, been diligent in building time, and been a good student, to every teacher along the way. But even the greatest teachers and hours of studying don't carry you through the unpredictable and worst moments of flight. It's a moment where preparation faces reality. And God's hands are in full control.. at this time, it appears there was engine failure, at the worst time possible.. At first we were told he had a fifty percent chance of making it through his first surgery. He has a long list of things that are wrong. (Internal bleeding, broken bones, torn up legs to name a few).. The road of recovery doesn't look easy but it is so good to hear the word recovery.. Its nothing compared to a lost life. At this point, he has had 3 surgeries, another scheduled for Friday and many more to follow. Today (Thursday) he is finally, starting to talk, and waking more. Thankfully, God willing,-with time, he will live and be capable of living the way a 19 year old should be able to.  He has an incredible team of doctors... We have a mighty God, and some amazing prayer warriors on his side! We thank you all for the prayers. We feel them, and see them working miracles!! There is no power like prayer. And truly, if you want to help, keep them coming!! Not just today, for the the weeks and months to come. 

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