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January 31, 2017
TAAA Newsletter
2017 TAAA Annual Awards Banquet
The Award Goes To....

President Gene Shanks presents Cody Thompson with the Pilot of the Year Award in Corpus Christi - USS Lexington at the Annual Awards Banquet and Auction.


TAAA has selected Cody Thompson of Garwood, Texas, as its Outstanding Pilot of the Year.  The award was presented to Cody at the TAAA Annual Awards Banquet held earlier this year in Corpus Christi.  Cody's grandfather, father and a number of other family members have also received this award in past years, so being a great pilot has become a bit of a family tradition! 
Cody was the first award recipient to be recognized with a newly designed, custom made, steel plane engraved with the TAAA logo and his name.  You can see the award presentation here.
Congratulations Cody on being named the TAAA 2017 Pilot of the Year!


President Gene Shanks presents Bart Roye with the Operator of the Year Award in Corpus Christi - USS Lexington at the Annual Awards Banquet and Auction.  


TAAA also selected Bart Roye from Rawls, Texas, as the Outstanding Operator of the Year. In 2007, Bart took his first aerobatic flying lesson,  was hooked and bought a Pitts S2B. In 2010, he competed in his first aerobatic competition, the IAC Nationals. He placed 3rd in the Sportsman category and also won the Highest Placing 1st Time Sportsman category. Bart is the current Vice President of TAAA and has served on its board for many years.  You can see his presentation here
Congratulations, Bart on being named TAAA 2017 Operator of the Year!
Also, many thanks to TAAA Awards Chair Jared Lambert who did an excellent job helping to select the winners and prepare the presentations.  

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