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April 7, 2017
TAAA Newsletter
NAAA Reaches Out to Press on UAVs and So Can You
Now that many aerial application businesses are hard at work for the 2017 growing season, NAAA is working harder than ever to keep low-flying pilots safe from UAVs.
This week, NAAA sent  a press release to its media contacts asking drone operators to be extra cautious about low-flying ag aircraft this growing season.
We've also drafted and sent  a localized press release to our contacts throughout the aerial application industry so people like you can edit and send the release to your local, regional and national papers. NAAA hopes that by your sending this press release to media outlets, drone operators will learn more about our industry and how they can prevent a collision with your aircraft.
Please consider sending this easy-to-edit press release to media outlets near you; it could prevent an accident.


Don't become a statistic!
The NTSB has reported one fatal and one non-fatal ag accident so far in 2017. During 2016 there were 60 ag accidents including 13 that were fatal. The beginning of the application season is a good time to review your safety practices and pledge to make 2017 the safest on record!


The ag season has already started for a number of folks. For those waiting for spring to have sprung don't wait until the first order is received to see if everything is ready to work. Check the following:
  • Aircraft - Are they airworthy, annuals completed, ADs complied with, properly insured and equipment and systems operational? Is a CAM 8 weight entry needed? If so, has it been placed in the logbook?
  • Pilots - Do you have your medical, biennial flight review and ag licenses current?
  • Training - Complete any required chemical handler training.
  • Loading and ground equipment - Ensure proper operation and maintenance and make sure vehicles are licensed and insured.
  • Pattern testing - Attend an Operation S.A.F.E. Fly-in to verify spray or dry pattern characteristics. Consult NAAA calendar for clinic dates and locations at www.agaviation.org/calendar_list.asp.
  • Start slow - Practice stalls, load jettisoning and emergency procedures at a safe altitude. Pilots may be uncomfortable until acclimated to the feel of the aircraft. Practice and trouble-shoot using water - not on a spray job.
  • Above all - always place the highest priority on safety in your operation.
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