Updated Advisory: Outdoor Advertising Regulations
We know how important it is for you to keep up with the state’s alcohol regulations. That’s why we’re sending you TABC advisories like this one.

The Texas Legislature adopted several new authorities in 2019. This advisory provides you with the agency’s official guidance on the latest regulations related to advertising alcohol outdoors.
You might be interested if:

  • You’re an alcohol retailer (bar, restaurant, liquor store, etc.).
  • You want to know what you can advertise near your business.
  • You’re interested in billboard advertising.
  • You’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor who uses billboard advertising.
The Basics
Advertisements Outside a Retailer’s Business

  • Type of ads: This applies to signs or other displays that can be seen by the public outside of a TABC-licensed business when passing by. This could be a chalkboard sidewalk sign outside a bar or a poster inside a grocery store near a glass entrance.
  • What’s allowed: Retailers can now display more than one sign outside their business, use words or phrases of their choosing (“craft beer,” “local wine,” etc.), and include alcohol brands or names in their outdoor advertising.
  • What’s not allowed: Retailers cannot advertise alcohol prices near their building, in most cases. However, businesses with a Food and Beverage Certificate are allowed to advertise price as part of a menu posted on the outside of the location.

Billboard Advertising

  • Generally: If you’re a retailer — such as a bar, restaurant or liquor store — you can advertise your business on a billboard.
  • Distance: There is no restriction on how far a billboard must be from a retailer’s business.

Please read the full advisory for TABC’s official guidance, which provides a detailed explanation about these methods of advertising and the more nuanced situations that business owners face.
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