COVID-19 and Your USTA League Play

The Tennis Association of Central Kentucky has fielded several complaints, observations, and suggestions relative to USTA league play in these unusual times. This special edition of the TACK newsletter is in response. The TACK Board of Directors want you to know that we are listening, and will do everything in our power to ensure that this sport continues to be an active part of your life in these trying times.

It is worth noting that most Kentucky USTA Community Tennis Associations have severely curtailed or cancelled a lot of the local play they usually support. We are lucky here in central Kentucky since, between the hard work of our local league coordinators and the support of our local tennis clubs, play has resumed and continues. We need to do our best to preserve that!

What you can do as a League Player

  • Let your team captain and fellow players know of your COVID-19 status or any exposure. If you've been exposed, remove yourself from availability until after you've tested negative, or quarantined for the mandated period (14 days). (For more on this including positive tests, see CDC guidelines.)
  • Get tested anyway! Although a recent test is no guarantee, it is better to know than not. There are lots of carriers out there without symptoms. If you do have symptoms, stop play, and get tested!
  • Wear your mask at the clubs. This isn't an arbitrary club rule, it's a State mandate. Front-desk workers are charged with enforcement, so be gentle!
  • Practice social distancing during a match. Be sensitive to others' concerns, keep your distance at court change, and avoid ball sharing if requested.
  • Don't let your desire to watch and celebrate cause you to bend the rules. These things are an important and enjoyable part of team play, but none of the benefits of our naturally-social-distanced sport will be realized if we drop all the safeguards (masks, social distancing) after play. You may not hear from anyone who has concerns about such, but we do, and so do the clubs!
What you can do as a League Team Captain

  • Communicate good policies to your team members. If you have complaints about player behavior, you have a right to set expectations -- think about how you'd handle player exposure, and communicate that process in advance, including removing exposed or tested-positive players from rosters (see above).
  • Don't be afraid to reschedule matches/courts impacted by COVID-19. It's a hardship when players opt out of rosters due to exposure or simple concerns. To avoid defaults, work with your team and opposing captain to reschedule missed courts. NOTE: All of our clubs will happily reschedule any court without penalty -- the usual 24 hour rule about notifying clubs is not enforced for matches impacted by COVID-19 exposure or concerns. (But be sure to contact the club as soon as you know!) Your local league coordinator can help.
  • If you're contacted by an opposing captain asking for court reschedule(s), be understanding and flexible!

Again, see CDC guidelines for more information on COVID-19 exposure or positive test results. As always, if you have further input, concerns, or questions, we can be reached at our TACK contact email address