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September 23, 2020
Mixed/Fall League + USTA Ratings
Mixed /Fall League

Did you miss the deadline? Are you still looking to play this fall? It's never too late! Teams can recruit and register new players throughout the league play window. Contact us at and we'll find you a team! (Did you miss our newsletter on fall play? See our Feb. 8 edition for more.)

Are you a member of a huge team, and are worried about play time? Contact us at and we'll find a smaller team willing to take you. Transfers between teams are simple, and cost nothing.
USTA Ratings

Because of the major disruption to local league play and the cancellation of Sectional and National Championships, USTA has decided to freeze NTRP ratings of all Adult League participants, from now through the end of 2021.

What does this mean for you? Your play this year will still impact your ratings -- it will just be included in 2021 play statistics when USTA computes your new rating at the end of 2021. This decision was made because of the complete lack of uniformity across local/state USTA adult league play, making it difficult to make standardized decisions about ratings. For more information on this issue, and other Adult League issues impacted by COVID-19, see this FAQ page on USTA's website. (For more about NTRP ratings in general, see this USTA Information page.)