Adult New Player Clinic and Drop Shots

TACK hosted an Adult New Player Clinic on Sunday, April 18th, at Shillito Park. 34 players attended, new friendships were made, and everyone received a free lesson and information on local leagues and other play opportunities.

The clinic was made possible through TACK, Lexington Parks and Recreation, local pros from the Bluegrass Racquet Club and Top Seed Tennis Club, and many local volunteers. This was the second clinic TACK hosted this calendar year gearing up for the start of TACK's Drop Shots Session.

TACK's Drop Shop Session begins this Wednesday, April 21, at Shillito Park. There's still time to sign-up - click here to register for Drop Shots.
Tennis Ball Shortage?

Have you noticed a shortage of tennis balls on stores shelves? If you have, apparently you're not alone. Numerous industries have experienced issues with product shortages during the pandemic, and it would seem we can now add tennis balls to the list. TACK wanted to pass along a notification from USTA Kentucky of a potential shortage of tennis balls on store shelves. While we don't know the exact details, it seems to be related to an increase in demand, which is great thing, and an issue manufacturing/shipping tennis balls.

While we don't want to add to the shortage, we wanted to let our players know in case they wanted to purchase enough tennis balls for their needs this season.