23 February, 2016    
In order to sustain the outputs and outcomes generated by the TACSO Project as well as the Project's functions, an open call was issued at the end of March 2014 for national Resource Centres (RC) - Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the region. Since the partnerships began between the national TACSO offices and the RCs, the intention has been to gradually handover TACSO's functions to the RCs while also strengthening the organisations' capacities and providing support in improving their delivery of services to CSOs.

The selected Resource Centres*  have decades of experience in civil society development and are:
Together, the TACSO national offices and the RCs have organised numerous events, including conferences, workshops, trainings and information events on various topics including social entrepreneurship, communication and visibility, human rights, and quality assurance systems among others. 

The below articles help mark the one year anniversary between TACSO and the Resource Centres by highlighting the added value of the partnerships and the new aspects in the types and amount of support offered by both.

TACSO Regional Office

IA*The Resource Centres were selected in all of the above mentioned countries, except for Albania.

Partnership Merges Experience
TACSO by VESTA: Partnership Merges Experience

In October 2014, the consortium of VESTA Association and the Trainer's Network Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was selected as the national Resource Centre (RC) for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This role was entrusted to this consortium based on the experiences of both organisations in delivering similar services and their capacities and expertise that has developed throughout years of work in the civil society sector.

Joint Efforts
TACSO by KCSF: Mutual Cooperation, Joint Efforts

Following an open call from the Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations, and a competitive process, in October 2014, the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) was selected as the national Resource Centre for Kosovo. This role was entrusted to KCSF based on its vast experience in delivering similar services and their in-house capacities and expertise developed throughout years of work in the civil society sector. Being among the lead organisations in Kosovo, 

KCSF has been well acquainted to overtake TACSO functions due to its active involvement and contribution in the two phases of the project. Thus, prior engagement has led to a smooth transition from TACSO to KCSF in the process of the gradual handover of TACSO functions, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of TACSO's service delivery.

Information Event
TACSO by MCIC: Information Event - Actual Migration Routes, Response to Refugee Crisis

The Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) started its operation as the TACSO Resource Centre in October 2014 and since then it has been extensively involved in planning, designing and implementing TACSO activities. 

During this period, in addition to its involvement in TACSO, MCIC has been contributing to Civil Society Organisations' (CSOs) capacity building and to the development of civil society through other programmes and projects complementary to the TACSO mission. While MCIC's main focus is on development and democratization, the organisastion could not stay indifferent towards the humanitarian crisis caused by the refugee influx in the country. Taking into account their extensive previous experience in emergency assistance and humanitarian relief, MCIC felt responsible to get involved and contribute with their expertise in this area.

Hundreds of Visitors
TACSO by CRNVO: NGO EXPO Draws Hundreds of Visitors

Throughout the first year of collaboration, the Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) Montenegro Office and the selected Resource Centre in Montenegro, TACSO by the Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organisations (CRNVO), have worked closely together on a wide variety of topics and extensive number of events. 

 TACSO and TACSO by CRNVO have organised a series of events on the topics of social entrepreneurship; quality assurance system for CSOs; and CSOs' visibility and promotion of their work. The partnership between TACSO and CRNVO has been very successful having in mind the large number of attendees for every event and media coverage.

TACSO by Civic Initiatives: From Challenges to Opportunities

Since its establishment, Civic initiatives is recognized as a point of reference for many questions that various CSOs have had, have and will have. In this new role, as the TACSO Resource Centre, many new possibilities have been introduced, including a platform of cooperation that has allowed for additional learning with TACSO experts' support. 

Every day presents the chance to find ways to enhance the learning process and share experience with the TACSO team, thus further strengthen the Centre's internal capacities. The everyday activities of Civic Initiatives include providing technical assistance and support to all CSOs in need through the help desk service, tailor made field sessions, trainings and mentorship. Daily efforts are made to support different civil initiatives that are changing lives and the society we live in.


TACSO by STGM: Stronger Together in Supporting CSOs - One Year of Partnership

As of October 2014, the TACSO Turkey Office has been seated in the Civil Society Development Centre (STGM) facilities as part of the TACSO Project's exit and sustainability strategy, which enabled two European Union (EU) supported initiatives for civil society development and technical assistance for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Turkey to start closely collaborating under one roof. 

This partnership made various support programmes available through a "one stop shop" for CSOs that addresses their different needs at the local, national and regional levels throughout the past year. To promote the launch of this partnership as well as to provide information about the joint Project implementation on the way forward, TACSO Turkey and STGM organised a kick-off event on December 18, 2014, with the participation of over 100 CSO representatives during which the CSOs were asked for their expectations from the partnership of TACSO Turkey and STGM.

Resource Centres' Info

More information about the Resource Centres can be found at this linkUpcoming events for both TACSO and the TACSO Resource Centres can be found here.

More timely information about all of TACSO's upcoming events are available on www.tacso.org

TACSO's mission is to increase and improve the capacity and actions of CSOs as well as their democratic role. Through TACSO's capacity building activities, support and assistance, the aim is to achieve a strengthened civil society and to stimulate a civil society-friendly environment and culture.
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