Members will be responsible for cleaning & disinfecting studio spaces after use.
After your reservation, we expect all members to clean and disinfect any spaces or surfaces that were used. Cleaning supplies will be available in each studio space to make this as easy as possible. Please be assured that the TAF staff will also be cleaning and disinfecting the entire building regularly.

Reservations will be staggered to accommodate for cleaning time.
All room reservations will be separated by a 30-minute block to accommodate for required cleaning and disinfecting time. If you are arriving for a room reservation, we are requesting you wait outside of the studio until it has been properly disinfected.

All members who enter the Wells Community Cultural Center are required to wear a mask.
We are requiring all individuals who enter the Wells Community Cultural Center to wear a mask. If you or your organization do not have a mask, please contact Greater Lafayette Sewing Masks and submit a request. TAF staff will also be required to wear masks.

Members and visitors are required to enter via the parking lot door.
Guests can request entry by pressing the door bell located to the left of the door. Staff will confirm all entrants are wearing a mask, then you will be buzzed in. After hours entrants will be required to use their key fobs and are responsible for confirming all guests are wearing masks.

Please be advised if any of the the above procedures are not properly followed, the member or member organization responsible risks losing their membership and/or room reservation privileges.