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Giving Thanks

It's already that time of year - the holiday hustle and bustle has begun filled with family, friends and so many memories to be made.  It is perhaps the busiest time of year for many of us as we carefully balance our daily demands amidst the season's festivities and fall splendor.  With extra grocery trips, shopping stops and holiday travels - the burden of traffic jams and congestion can heavily hinder our holiday spirits.  While our mobility challenges are magnified this time of year, so should the many opportunities to give thanks for a region filled with so much economic prosperity.  A strong economy means jobs and opportunity for those that call Houston home.  It means that we will have big challenges but that we will also have the chance to accomplish amazing things.    


Our transportation system will be one of our toughest challenges moving forward and TAG is thankful to have your support and commitment.  We are proud to advocate on behalf of a region filled with so many things to be grateful for and a community who understands the importance of investing in ourselves.  TAG is also thankful for the recent passage of Prop 1 and for the ability to serve our region in advocating for additional funding as we march towards the 2015 Texas legislative session.    We will share our policy priorities in the coming weeks and welcome your input.  


We must give thanks for all that we have and commit to preserve our quality of life for our friends, family and fellow Houstonians.   Happy Thanksgiving!


2015 TIP Call for Projects

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) is seeking proposals from local governments and other eligible project sponsors to implement transportation projects which advance the vision and goals of the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.

The TIP Call for Projects will commit federal and state funds allocated to the Houston region to implement roadway, transit, pedestrian/bicycle, livable centers and air quality projects within the next 5-10 years.

 More information on the TIP Call for Projects can be found here.
U.S. Infrastructure on "Life Support"

Former USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood was on 60 Minutes Sunday calling attention to the deteriorating state of the nation's road and bridges. "Our infrastructure is on life support right now. That's what we're on," LaHood told reporter Steve Kroft. The segment also featured fellow transportation advocate Rep. Earl Blumenauer as the newsmagazine highlighted some of the highways and bridges most in need of repair. Both leaders have called for raising the federal gas tax.  "I don't want to say they're unsafe. But they're dangerous," said LaHood, co-chair of Building America's Future, in reference to the one-in-nine U.S. bridges categorized as structurally deficient. 
Congress Should Fix The Gas Tax
 From The Hill - More and more newspaper editorial boards are saying what a number of highway and transit stakeholders have been saying for years: Just raise the gas tax already. The Washington Post's editorial board recently declared in a headline that "Congress should fix the gas tax," and The New York Times board over the summer took a similar position. The USA Today's editorial board took it a step further in a piece that ran recently, urging lawmakers to act in the lame duck to boost the rate by 12 cents a gallon. Here's the paper's editorial board it its own words: "With the next election two years off and more than 60 departing lawmakers not having to face voters again, this is the perfect time to increase the tax from the current 18.4 cents a gallon to an inflation-adjusted 30.3 cents. And with gas prices plummeting, chances are motorists would barely notice."  Read more here



New Member Spotlight 

TAG is pleased to welcome CH2MHILL as our newest member.  We appreciate your commitment and support to address the Houston region's mobility challenges. 



Membership packets for 2015 have been distributed.  Please contact andrea.french@taghouston.org if you have not received your packet.  Many thanks to those that have already joined for 2015!



Internship Opportunities


TAG is currently accepting applications for our 2015 Internship Program.  Candidates with a background in online communications are preferred.  Please send inquiries to andrea.french@taghouston.org  




Public Scoping Meeting
Dallas - Houston High-Speed Rail


The Federal Railroad Administration and TxDOT Environment Impact Statement
Public Presentation and Review

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4:30 pm Open House

6:30 pm Presentation

7:00 pm Public Comment Session

Lone Star College
Beckendorf Conference Center

30555 Tomball Parkway

Tomball, Texas


For more information contact:
Michael Johnsen at Michael.johnsen@dot.gov or 202-493-1310




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