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Last Chance to Book for  Thanksgiving!

The Expectations Game

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4 Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy  


Regular vet check-ins.
This is the gospel throughout your dog's life, but extra important in those golden years. Twice-annual exams are a good rule of thumb; more for dogs with known health issues. Between visits, look out for changes in your dog's appetite, irritability level, or trouble hearing or seeing.


Injury prevention. 

Provide ramps and stairs to give your dog easy access to furniture and beds. Consider carpeting slippery floors to give old paws solid footing. 


Age-appropriate diet.   

Dietary needs change with age. Some dogs gain weight; others can't hold on to theirs. Consult your vet about adjusting your dog's diet for optimal health.     


Sleep therapy.   

Consider investing in an orthopedic dog bed especially for seniors. Memory foam helps cushion aging joins - some beds even have heat and vibration functions.


Give Black Cats Some Love!
Black Cats get a bad reputation, and for no good reason. Many shelters experience the same problem with adopting out black cats. More often than not, these are the kitties that are being left behind.Stereotypical as it may sound, this actually stems from the superstition that black cats are bad luck. If you do a little bit of research, you'll find that many traditions actually consider black cats to be good luck! In French culture, black cats are even a sign of good fortune and wealth. Need more reasons to consider a black cat? How about the fact that black goes with everything? Black fur won't be showing up on that nice black suite that you're wearing. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, please don't look over ones with black fur. Black cats will love you beyond your expectations.

Visit or to find a local rescue and give a black cat a second chance at a forever family today!

Dog in the Spotlight!
The Keeshond
This always-smiling pup is super affectionate and a great addition to any family. They are great with children, cats, other dogs, and even strangers. They are a member of the Spitz family of dogs and resemble a fox with a mane around their neck like a lion. The medium-length coat that Keeshonds wear requires a good amount of grooming. Due to the excessive shedding, you will find yourself giving them a good brushing on a daily basis.
Keeshonds are quite smart, which makes them very easy to train. They are eager to learn new commands. Because this breed is very affectionate, they make a great family pet. Keeshonds have never been bred to hunt or attack, only for companionship.

Check out or to find a local rescue and give a Keeshond a forever home today!

Gobble Up Our Last Few Thanksgiving Holiday Openings!

Dear Pet Lovers,  


The holidays are sneaking up on us!  Don't get stuck being forced to leave your pets unattended for long periods of time. You don't want to have to ask your neighbors (really? on a holiday?) to care for your pets and/or risk having to cancel your holiday travel plans because you didn't make arrangements for your pets. We only have a few openings left for pet sitting visits so if you need our services for Thanksgiving and haven't scheduled yet, you'll need to notify us no later than this Sunday, November 23rd by midnight.  


Many pet sitters are already completely booked for the holidays. It's not uncommon for people to book their Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's pet care reservations months in advance. For upcoming holidays, if you don't notify us at your earliest convenience, you'll risk hearing, "I'm sorry but we're booked!". 


If you already have a relationship with TOP TAILS� Dog Walking & Pet Sitting and need pet care between now and the end of the year, either call us or log into our online scheduling system and enter your dates and time frames right away!  


If you're looking to hire us for the first time, you really need to get busy and schedule now. You'll need to allow for enough time to meet with us for a consultation. Since you're hiring someone to care for your pet and home, you don't want feel rushed into making a decision that may not be a good fit. Planning early can help.


Give us a call today at 215-508-1903 or email us at to get your fur-kids a pet sitter and to give yourself peace-of-mind over Thanksgiving! 


The Expectations Game
In our ongoing adventure of companionship with dogs, nothing trips us up quite as much as our own unrealistic expectations. Dogs who don't do as they are told? We think them willfully disobedient, stubborn, or, worst of all, slow on the uptake. We overestimate their attention span and level of emotional control. We think they should know instinctively how to navigate big groups of dogs playing together. We expect them to quickly grasp concepts we deem important and logical for dogs, such as going to the bathroom outside (except when it's OK not to, like at daycare). Unless a good dog trainer sets us straight, we may even expect angelic behavior after completing a single 6-week training class. Our high and often naive expectations cause us grief and worry, so why are they so hard to shake?

Blame culture, for one thing. Books and movies that portray dogs as highly intelligent (in a human sort of way) and capable of complex panning, morally superior to many humans in their loyalty and trustworthiness. And blame us, for another. Try as we might, we have a hard time not anthropomorphizing animals in general and dogs in particular. Often without realizing it, we judge them by our own ability to learn through observation and insight, internalize values, move mentally into the future, and think abstractly - none of which dogs can do.

Two things are important here. One, that we examine our expectations of dogs to give them a realistic chance to be successful at living with us and doing the things we ask them to do. Training based on learning theory (i.e. behaviorism) is the best tool we have to understand and change the behavior of dogs, which means we need to be willing to learn about it and develop the patience and persistence to apply it. Second, that we celebrate the wonderfulness of dogs not as honorary humans but as they are. Great learners with keen olfactory sense, capable of discriminating fine differences in their environment and with a rich emotional life. In other words, marvelous creatures we are lucky to share our lives with.




Earth Rated Poop Bags

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common ... they poop! These bags are eco-friendly and have an additive that allows them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags.


TOP TAILS� just received a new shipment of Earth Rated poop bags!  Come by our shop at 4374 Main Street in Manayunk and make an in-person purchase. You can also contact the office and we'll deliver your order on your next visit. We also eco-friendly cat litter waste bags in a larger size.


Our fully staffed office is available to answer any questions at all about the products we sell. We're looking forward to seeing you and your pups soon!


TOP TAILS� Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Company is proud to be an independent distributor of Earth Rated Poop Bags.


"Taking Strides Toward a Happier, Healthier Pet"­™


Since early 2005, TOP TAILSDog Walking & Pet Sitting has been based on the belief that the clients' (parents and pets) needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat clients and referrals. If you haven't tried us out yet, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the area. Of course, if you are already a client, we look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your furry family!

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