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Fighting Your Dog's Allergies

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Lyme Disease in Dogs


Vacation Cat Care

"A dog teaches us fidelity, perserverance, and to turn around three times before lying down."
-Robert Benchley




The English Cocker Spaniel

This dapper little gun dog was originally bred for flushing and retrieving small game. Don't be fooled by her melting spaniel eyes and soft, feather coat: the Cocker is an all-terrain dog and can be a handful to live with. Exuberant, strong-willed, and energetic, she needs lots of exercise and careful training. Cockers love having a job--something scent-related, preferably, otherwise anything demanding will do: agility, obedience, flyball, canine disc, etc. The well-socialized Cocker wants to be part of all family activities. Beware the noise, though, she's quick to alert to doorbells. (A Cocker Spaniel holds the world record for the most persistent barking: 907 times in ten minutes.) With her soulful expression, the Cocker is popular in arts and entertainment, most famously in Disney's enduring 1955 animated classic, Lady and the Tramp.

To give an English Cocker Spaniel a home, search online for nearby rescues.  

Doggie History

Check Out These History Facts!


Pre-historically: The oldest known cave art depicting dogs is in the Cueva de El Castillo cave in Puente Viesgo, Spain. The charcoal and red ochre drawings, dating back approximately 40,000 years, include goats, horses, mammoths, bison, and dogs.


Antiquity: Dogs were so valued as pets in ancient Egypt that families would shave their eyebrows as a sign of grief when they lost a dog. The ancient Romans had many pets, including apes and cats, but favored dogs above all.


The Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci was not just a genius inventor and artist, but an admirable person even by today's standards. In his notebooks, he questions man's inherent rights over animals-completely at odds with the accepted tenets of his age.



Believe it or not, our pets can suffer just as much as we do during allergy season.

Some signs that your furry loved one may be suffering from allergies include reddened or itchy skin, hair loss, inflammation of feet, face and eyes reddened and waxy discharge or odor coming from their ears. If you catch your pet constantly licking, chewing, rubbing or scratching themselves, it may be time to consult your veterinarian.

Here are some useful tips on how to help your pet cope with allergies this season:
  • Regular bathing - Baths can sometimes give instant and total relief to your dog when they are suffering from itchiness. Allergens on their skin and coat will wash away, but be sure to use a grain-free shampoo.
  • Keep a clean home - Because yours pets often spend a good amount of time indoors as well as outdoors, you want to make sure that your carpets and floors (and pet bedding!) are kept clean. Try to use non-toxic cleaning supplies.
  • Check-ups - Take your furry loved one to your vet for regular health checkups. 



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Lyme disease is a tick-transmitted disease most prevalent in the northeast, the upper Midwest, and the Pacific seaboard states, but found throughout the U.S. Awareness is important, as dogs are 50 to 100 times more likely than humans to come into contact with disease-carrying ticks. Common symptoms include lameness (especially recurrent), fever, lethargy, and swollen lymph nodes. Ticks must be attached to your dog for 48 hours for him to contract Lyme disease, so daily checks and quick removal dramatically ups your chances of keeping your pooch healthy.


To remove a tick, put on gloves, dab the area with rubbing alcohol, then use a pair of tweezers to grab the tick as close to your dog's skin as possible (if you accidentally leave parts of the tick behind, it can cause serious problems). Pull straight up; don't twist or jerk the tick. Disinfect the area, wash your hands, and sterilize the tweezers. Monitor the bite site for the next few weeks. If you see redness or swelling, visit your vet right away.







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