Magical Movements had already installed these MERV HEPA filters in our HVAC system.

We also made the following health & safety upgrades:

  • Germicidal UV lights fitted in our HVAC system

  • No-touch hand sanitizing units in the front door vestibule, waiting room, & studio

  • Social distance floor decals & tape throughout facility

  • Protective measure signage

  • Plexi-glass sneeze guards at front desk

  • Assigned baskets for dancers' belongings
We are putting health & safety first!
  • Classes/mini-camps will meet in small groups, with extra time before and after class to enter and exit.
  • Parents/guardians will be required to sign an online waiver prior to 1st day of class/mini-camp.
  • Staff members, who are showing any signs of illness, will be required to stay home.
  • Parents/guardians will be asked to take child’s temperature prior to coming to studio. If fever is 100 or higher &/or child is showing any other signs of illness, we ask to be notified, & for child to stay home.
  • Students/campers will be dropped off & picked up at the studio door with the guidance of a staff member.
  • If a student/camper needs dance wear &/or shoes from our waiting room boutique, we will ask parent/guardian to make an appointment.
  • Everyone (including children) must have a temperature check before entering studio. If 100 or higher, she/he may not enter the studio.
  • All adults must wear masks to enter, & while inside studio.
  • Children strongly encouraged to wear masks, with elementary, middle, and high school aged children required to do so. 
  • Dancers are asked to come dressed in class attire.
  • Everyone must wash/sanitize hands after entering studio.
  • Students/campers will be asked to use a small, labeled bag containing only the bare essentials (including a labeled water bottle & prepackaged snack).
  • Students/campers will have assigned baskets for their belongings & any props/costume pieces used in class/mini-camp.
  • Staff will practice social distancing, & will help students/campers to follow guidelines.
  • Handheld items (toys, books, props, costume pieces) will not be shared between students/campers.
  • Once used by a student/camper, handheld items will removed from the dance space, & sanitized.
  • Staff & students/campers will wash/sanitize hands between activities.
  • If a staff member/child is showing signs of illness, he/she will be sent home.
  • Studio will be cleaned & sanitized several times a day.