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Feb. 17, 2014

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Dear Friends,

We are making a tiny bit of progress against the Turn the Gays Away bill.  Thanks to intense media pressure in the Memphis area brought by our Shelby County Committee, Sen. Kelsey dropped his sponsorship of the bill, but Sen. Mike Bell has picked it up.  There is talk of an amendment to scale back this broadly discriminatory legislation, but we're not satisfied.  Let's do all we can to fight the bill in any form.

*Attend the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:30 Central Time in Red.  RSVP and learn more here.

*Use this form to email all the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and express your opposition to the bill.  Find the link here.

*Make calls to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee using this script and leave a message this evening or before Tuesday at Noon:

Senator _______________, my name is ____________________, and I live at ____________________.  Please, vote NO on Senate Bill 2566.  The business community has not asked for this bill and it is discriminatory in any form.  Thank you!

Sen. Brian Kelsey--(615) 741-3036

Sen. Doug Overbey--(615) 741-0981
Sen. Stacey Campfield--(615) 741-1766
Sen. Mike Bell--(615)741-1946 (ask him to withdraw the bill!)
Sen. Lowe Finney--(615) 741-1810
Sen. Ophelia Ford--(615) 741-1767
Sen. Todd Gardenhire--(615) 741-6682
Sen. Mark Green--(615) 741-2374
Sen. John Stevens--(615) 741-4576

*Make a contribution to support our legislative efforts at . Make a leadership contribution or monthly gift.

*Urge businesses you know to join Equality Means Business. Members businesses commit to serve all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Have them contact us at to learn more.
Gratefully yours,


Chris Sanders

Executive Director   

Tennessee Equality Project
PO Box 330895
Nashville, Tennessee 37203