4 Steps to Create your Health/Well-Being Part 2/4

Creating, implementing and staying consistent with healthy actions and choices is the KEY factor to your health, happiness and life success. This comes from a deeper place of feeling and knowing that you are important and that you matter.


The sooner you start giving yourself much needed attention and self-care, the sooner your body will respond to you with your desired outcomes. 

My life has really upleveled when I deepened my relationship with myself and fully committed to me and my health, happiness and feeling good.

And the same is true for you!

Our body runs on chemistry and healthy chemistry is truly coming from the inside out. Our body’s health depends on its energy level (level of vibration) and on its chemistry.
The body needs an alkaline (high PH) level of fluids in order to stay healthy, vital and to have the ability to self-repair. When the body is acidic it starts to malfunction and break down.

How do we build a positive body chemistry? 
Two main things control your chemistry: Thoughts and Nutrition. While Nutrition is a well know factor, Thoughts are usually not even considered when it comes to our health.


1. What you eat and drinks matters. Eat 80% fruits and vegetable, whole grains, raw food, carrot juice as those nutrients allow our cells to be more alkaline.
What causes our cells to be more acidic? Coffee, tea, soda, cigarettes, alcohol, excess protein, medication.
Drink 8 oz of water every hour! It improves your cellular and myofascial hydration. It allows your own vital energy to flow better in your system.
2. What you think matters to your body’s health. Cultivating the thoughts and feelings of love, faith, appreciation, vulnerability, presence, compassion, and joy allows your body to connect with higher vibrations of energy, which opens and heals the body. Those energies are expanding our energy field.

Worry, fear, anger, regret, frustration, upset, jealousy, control, judgment are slower and lower vibration energies, and they constrict our energy field. If they are harbored for a long time, they can manifest disease and disfunction. Please know that it is Ok to feel any feelings, and it is ok to feel upset or frustrated at times, however, you do not want to STAY in that energy. Feel it and let it go…..

3. Conscious exercises. If you move your body for the purpose of creating corrective or fitness measures with conscious intention breathwork- you will progress faster and with greater ease and less fatigue.

4. Integration in Mind-Body-Breath. WHY? Because you are consciously tapping into a greater Source of yourself (Energy). In this way you are building circuits that connect mental concentration (MIND), movement (BODY), breath ( ENERGY, SPIRIT). Creating this Integration in Mind-Body-Breath creates shift in body’s chemistry in a shorter period of time.

5. What and How you Breath. This part of self-care is probably the most important one and so easily overlooked. As we are learning to breathe with more awareness:

  • We are anchoring the consciousness within the body.
  • We begin to move energy within the system for clearing and healing
  • We are learning how to listen to the body and its messages
  • We start clearing densities, and are building energetic circuits in the body
  • We infuse higher vibration of Love ( the most healing energy in the Universe) into our physical body.

6. How you Rest. Most of the time rest is associated with sleeping which is hugely important. At least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is necessary for the brain, body and connective tissue to rest, reset and rejuvenate.

However, rest is also associated with how much PEACE you allow yourself and your nervous system to have. If we live too long in a state of perceived or real stress our body releases too much adrenaline and cortisol which creates tension in the body, increased heart rate and blood pressure and decreased digestion. Living in stress creates more acidity in the system, emotionally we feel drained, depleted and depressed, and our body starts taking a toll on us. Our energy level constricts, and we unconsciously “invite” problems into our bodies and lives.
7. How you Love. Listed last but possibly the most important of them all. In reality, Love is a state of being (not a sentimental or romantic feeling), it is a way of operating in the world, Love is the healing energy of the Universe.  
With breath work and other practices, I will show you how you can ignite, activate and enhance this beautiful energy within your own cells.
What choices and actions are you creating today? What habits do you build?
How can I support you on your healing path? How can I help you to create new habits and provide support for your accountability?
In Love and Health,