June 3 rd - 9 th 2019 is
an annual awareness week dedicated to raising awareness
of arrhythmias by encouraging people to 'Know their Pulse',
with the aim of detecting thousands of unknown
heart rhythm disorders.

We are asking as many people, groups and organizations as possible, both locally and nationally, to show their support by sharing their pulse check challenge photograph. Gather your friends and family, to support WHRW 2019.

Spread the word on social media and share your photo with us as well. Don't forget to tag Arrhythmia Alliance and use the hashtags:
#WHRW2019 #WorldHeartRhythmWeek #KnowYourPulse

All participants will be acknowledged
on our social media pages and the group who shares the most pulse checks will be featured in our monthly e-News and will also receive a free resource pack for their office or clinic.

How to check your pulse:

To assess your resting pulse rate in your wrist, sit down for at least five minutes beforehand.

Take off any jewelry or watches and hold your arm out, palm facing up and elbow slightly bent.

With your other hand place your index and middle finger on your wrist, at the base of your thumb. You can adjust the position of your fingers, slightly, until you feel your pulse.

Count for 30 seconds and then multiply your total by two to get your Heart Rate in BPM (beats per minute).
Please send your photographs to;
For more information contact Clare Shumway, or call, 843-415-1886
Arrhythmia Alliance | 843-415-1886 |