TAP Ministries, Inc
July 2020
Monthly Update: Finances needed for shipping
Things at TAP seem to be back on track at this point. We have even seen an increase in the number of letters and emails that we have been receiving from the mission field requesting materials.

In June we were able to ship boxes of hymnals to Trinidad and a carton of reference books to the Philippines as well as some other smaller shipments.

Our greatest need here in the midst of 2020 is finances to put towards shipping. Throughout the pandemic we have continued to receive our regular monthly support (we have about 12 churches and individuals that support us faithfully each month). These monthly supporters allow us to pay all of our bills (rent, insurance, phone, etc). What we have missed during the pandemic is the occasional Love Offering or Special Missions gift or a random gift towards shipping. Without these our ability to ship is limited. With our monthly support we can ship about 100 pounds of material per month but last year, with special gifts, we were able to ship closer to 200 pounds each month. Would you please pray for additional funds that will go directly towards shipping?

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and financial support. We are excited about the opportunities ahead. We continue to make contacts and keep in touch with our partners around the world.