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Hello TAP members, sponsors, licensees and fellow pool players,

    We at TAP hope you are enjoying the summer weather and time with your family and friends. While the summer months are a typical slowdown in the billiard industry, we here at TAP remain busy with the day to day activities as well as getting a jump on preparing for this years nationals in October and beyond. And don't forget, it's not to early to start thinking about building your team for the upcoming fall session. This is a great time to bring in new players to experience what TAP has to offer them as a player. So let's get you caught up on this years Rally as well as what can be expected from TAP for the rest of 2013.
Loyd Schonter,
Founder /CEO
TAP Sales

Sam Rullo
TAP Sales
As usual, TAP licensees have been coming into TAP at a steady rate and there is no slow down in sight. The 2nd half of 2013 looks to be even more promising with interest in states such as South Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, Indiana and New York to name a few. Our new licensees are:
Worchester TAP, Mass.
Laurie Flaherty  
New England TAP
Dennis Garneau 

Chicagoland TAP
Jamel Elmore...added new areas

New areas in Illinois and  Connecticut are pending.
If TAP isn't in your area then what are you waiting for? Call me at 800-984-7665 ext 2 and let's get you and your friends in TAP.
Just Announced!!
nashville 2015
TAP is going to Nashville in 2015. After stops in Las Vegas in 2011, Charleston S.C. in 2012, Chicago in 2013 and Dallas in 2014, you can see that TAP is the only national billiard league that moves their national locations every few years. 

Why be the same as the others?

Be Different....Be TAP!!

cindy chappell

ian brock

A thank you
TAP would like to thank our loyal members, sponsors and licensees for all of their support in the past and helping make TAP what it is today. A league by the player and for the player..


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Rally at Edison
   TAP's Rally at Edison

This year marked TAP's 17th Rally at Allen Hopkin's Super Billiard Expo. For the first time it was held in Edison, New Jersey and as always TAP's Dream Team event was sold out for a 5th consecutive year!
There was electricity in the air, as thousands of eyes were set on watching and playing yet another legendary Dream Team/Singles Rally at Edison event at the NJ Expo Center and for good reason.

Players created Dream Team Rosters of TAP players from all over the USA and Canada.  The competition was stiff and it wasn't black and white who the winners would be in either the 8 ball dream team, 9 ball dream team or 8 ball singles events.

Registration started on Wednesday April 3rd in conjunction with the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo.  TAP event staff welcomed players and licensees and provided their badges, programs and information.   Registration continued through the 4th, while the TAP National meeting for Licensees and TAP Corporate took place at the Sheraton Edison.  On the evening of the 4th, the 8 Ball Singles competition started on 90 Diamond Tables.  Players of all skill levels played in the double elimination brackets and continued each evening throughout the weeks' event.   8 and 9 Ball Dream Team competitions started the morning of the 5th  running on high voltage as 180 dream teams played round robin then out to single elimination until its completion on the 7th.

Livestreaming by Onsite Pool Network provided a new kind of exposure to a TAP event, that was not provided before.   Players at the event and throughout the world could watch the matches in 8, 9 and singles competition on two tables throughout the extended weekend.  Commentating, scores, interviews and information were provided in High Definition and speeds of all types to accommodate different cellphones, tablets and laptops. 

McDermott Handcrafted Cues, TAP's Cue Sponsor, was onsite with TAP Members Only Specials, and provided instruction and sales of their products from their booth.

Sharkin U Apparel once again provided sales of their popular demand apparel line and provided gift packages to each of the singles event winners.

TAP Apparel showcased their new line of apparel, event shirts and the TAP Online store as well as their new full line of customized products they can do for TAP Players and their Licensees.  

As a vendor, the TAP Sales and information booth had a busy 4 days as well,  at this year's Super Billiard Expo and TAP's Rally event. The people that stopped by to ask about bringing TAP into their area seemed to be charged up, serious and interested even more than in the past years, which has been greatly successful.  People spoke of being tired of their league that they are now in and feel TAP is the better choice for them and their players.  At this time, one contract in New England has been signed and another in New York is expected shortly.  Many of the people gathered information and advertising to take back and talk to their players to see how much interest is there before they committed but more new licensees are expected in the coming months.   Most, if not all, were very optimistic that players in their area want a change. With events like the Rally Dream Team events, TAP hosting our nationals by traveling to all parts of the United States plus the overall TAP format, Pool-Net software and other features of what TAP offers their members it seems to be just what they are looking for in a league.

So the Event and the Competition throughout the event was impressive.  Several "on the hill" matches were played by all.  Some great amateur play happened.

At the end of the week, the Rally in Edison 2013 Champions were crowned.

Rally 8 Ball Elite Team Champions for 2013  - No Chance , PA 
2nd Place - 4 Elephants, NJ 
3rd/4th Place - Boom Shaka Laka, OH GA MI and Quick & the Dead, PA

Rally 8 Ball Championship Team Champions for 2013 -  Muncy Mafia, PA 
2nd Place - Keruras, TAP Canada 
3rd/4th Place - Geo's Hustlers, PA and PoHo's, NJ
Rally 8 Ball Best of the Rest Team Champions for 2013 - Whiskey Alpha, WA
2nd Place - Sam$Don8rs, PA

Rally 9 Ball Dream Team Champions for 2013 - Royal City Hustlers, TAP Canada 
2nd Place - Nine Lives, PA
3rd / 4th  Place - Killshot, TAP Canada and Trick Shot, FL

Singles 2/3 8 Ball Champion - Svetlana Kozac, TAP Canada
Singles 4 8 Ball Champion - Kordi Williams, IL
Singles 5 8 Ball Champion - Paul Caivano, NJ
Singles 6 8 Ball Champion - Willie VanGuilder, PA
Singles 7 8 Ball Champion - Brandon Ashcraft, MI

Congratulations to all of the above winners!

Don't miss the excitement of TAP and it's upcoming events, industry leading advancements in computer technology for amateur players and new formats, in an inverted pyramid company structure, that put's its players on top.
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