TAP Ministries, Inc
May 2020
Monthly Update: Covid-19 and More!
TAP continues to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. This is not only affecting the ministry location in Pennsylvania, but it is also greatly impacting many of the countries and mission fields that we regularly ship to. DHL, our shipping partner, has informed us that many of our regular shipping areas are locked down - at the ports and at customs right now. International shipping is at just a fraction of what it usually is.

So, once again, we have spent our time preparing for the future. We believe we can ship just as much material in 2020 as we did in 2019 - but it will have to be in the last half of this year. We have the materials and we are getting them ready for shipment. As long as the finances continue to come in - we are prepared to ship as soon as the opportunity opens itself.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and financial support. We are excited about the opportunities ahead. We continue to make contacts and keep in touch with our partners around the world.

One interesting story that took place: Dr. John R. Rice was the founder of the Sword of the Lord newspaper and a great evangelist in the middle of the twentieth century. His grandson is now a professor of the Bible in the Mid-west and is working on a biography of his grandfather. He was not able to find a couple of the books his grandfather had written and has been on the lookout for them. Well - TAP was able to help a bit. We located one specific one he was looking for and we were able to ship him some other materials as well.