TAP Ministries, Inc
April 2020
Monthly Update: Covid-19
For all of us, our worlds have changed completely in the last month over Covid-19. TAP is no different. Things have been very quiet this last month. Our shipping partners have added International surcharges which has increased our shipping costs considerably during this time. We have seen practically no materials dropped off as people are adhering to the 'stay-at-home' order. Our donations in the month of March were about half of our normal income.

We are not complaining. We are dealing with the fallout of this pandemic like every other ministry. This past month we were not able to ship anything, so we spent extra time organizing, cleaning, and packing boxes for future shipments.

All of our missionary partners that we would normally be shipping to are also dealing with this pandemic in their own countries at varying degrees - so we are in a holding pattern. We are ready and waiting for this to pass so that we can resume our normal activities. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.