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March 2023

Letter from the President

Dear TAPM Members,

I’m very excited about the progress TAPM has made this year, and the ongoing opportunities we have for the rest of the spring! I’ll highlight a few of those efforts here, and encourage you to read through the newsletter to learn more about the wonderful work of TAPM’s board and members.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Annual Seminar on April 14, 2023, I encourage you to do so now. The theme this year is “Mediating Alternatives to Violence.” Many thanks to Kim Best, who has lined up a full day of fantastic set of speakers to help us navigate the seemingly increasing violence in our backyards and the world around us. To register, click here.

Don’t forget, our Grayfred Gray Award will be presented by Grayfred Gray to Lynn Barton during the Zoom lunch at the Annual Seminar on April 14th!

You spoke, we listened! The TAPM Board has approved a new website. We’d love your input on what you would like to see. And, if you have experience in web development or can recommend a web development company, please let us know.

Please join me in welcoming our first sponsored student members, from Lipscomb. This is an exciting opportunity for the students and for TAPM. We’re so pleased Lipscomb recognized the value of TAPM membership.

Last, but certainly not least, we will have our Annual Meeting in May. At that time, we will hold elections for the Board. If you’re interested in serving on the TAPM board, I encourage you to submit your name or others for board membership soon. If you have questions or want to discuss this further, please reach out.

As always, Jackie

AAA-ICDR Invests in Remote Mediation for Tennessee

The AAA-ICDR Foundation has approved a grant to Nashville Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) in the amount of $120,000 for expanding access to justice using Remote Mediation in Tennessee.


The grant recognizes NCRC’s success over the past four years in developing and delivering free, accessible mediation via video and phone conferencing to an increasing number of Civil and Juvenile Courts. This next stage of expansion builds upon an original investment by the Tennessee Bar Foundation’s TN Legal Initiatives Fund, which made it possible for NCRC to develop and provide remote mediation through the pandemic.


The support from the AAA-ICDR Foundation will focus on the creation of a consolidated system for shared referrals and data collection by the seven TN Community Mediation Centers (CMCs), all of which are 501(c)3 organizations that provide free mediation services in partnership with TN courts. A shared referral and reporting hub will ultimately allow the collective CMCs to provide remote mediation to any under-resourced court in the state with low-income and/or pro se litigants who need access to civil and parenting mediation at no cost.

Welcome Lipscomb Graduate Students

TAPM is excited to welcome students from the Lipscomb Institute of Conflict Management as sponsored student members. Thanks to the generosity of their department leaders, Lipscomb Student TAPM members have full access to the benefits awarded our members, including learning from our renowned speakers, participation in our post-speaker sessions for member connections, access to our website and access to our annual seminar. We look forward to growing TAPM and mediation together.

New Website

The TAPM board is currently planning the construction of a much-needed new website. This website will include a member-only portal, more information for the public to learn about mediation, and an updated member roster. If you are experienced in web development or can recommend a reliable, excellent company for development, please reach out to TAPM. We welcome your input.

10 Minutes to Spare? Check out the ABA Mock Zoom mediation online

If you have about 10 minutes or so, you can watch the ABA Mock Mediation on Youtube. "How to Conduct a Mediation Online" is found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2hRCqfbb_g or simply click on the video below.

TAPM’s New Collaborations

The TAPM board is excited to announce two new partnerships.

Thanks to the relationships built with Lipscomb University and the generosity of the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM), the ICM now has a sponsorship program with TAPM that allows their students to be Student Members of TAPM. ICM students will have the full access to programs and opportunities that come with membership. The board extends a warm welcome to Lipscomb and their ICM students. This builds networking, relationship, and learning opportunities for all of us, especially as we build our mentorship/practice groups. For any questions, please reach out to the board.

Our second partnership reaches across the US to the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA). https://scmediation.org . They are a dynamic association with terrific people and much in common with TAPM. Their mission statement, “…to nurture, expand, and develop the practice, profession, and community of mediation” is shared by us. We will be sharing opportunities for participation in each other’s programs. Look for their program opportunities in the TAPM LinkedIN, https://www.linkedin.com/company/tennessee-association-of-

professional-mediators-tapm and look for them to be included in newsletters. We look forward to growing and supporting one another so that together we can develop the practice, profession, and community of mediation.

Welcome Lipscomb ICM and SCMA!

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ADR Notable

ADR Notable: The only comprehensive mediation software platform designed especially for dispute resolution professionals.

Calendar/Upcoming Events

TAPM Annual Seminar: Mediating Alternatives to Violence

Friday, April 14, 2023


8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CT

3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT: Social and Networking Hour

5 hours CLE: 3.5 Dual, 1.5 hours General

5 hours CME: 1.5 General Mediation Issues & 3.5 Ethics

Monday, May 1, 2023

TAPM Speaker Series Presents: Dr. Peter Robinson - Apology and Forgiveness in Mediation

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. CT/12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m. ET

Registration is Open!

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