Why BPD research is stuck and what can we do about it!

TARA needs your help:   BPD needs out of the Box Research  

Dear Friends:
             During this season of giving I'm hoping we can count on your much needed support to make a real difference in the life of the person you love suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder
           If you are reading this letter you or someone you care about is suffering with BPD. Your experience seeking help has probably shown you how few effective, evidence-based treatments and support services are available for you and your family. Treatment failures may have devastated your loved one and left you feeling hopeless. To date, there is no FDA-approved medication for BPD. Did you know that BPD receives the least amount of National Institute of Mental Health research funding of any mental illness? Each year that goes by without improvement in BPD treatment is a year lost in the life of the person you love. 
          By giving to TARA4BPD Research you have a special, exciting and important opportunity to create meaningful progress in the understanding and treatment of BPD.
Right now, BPD research is stuck! 
It  needs to be reconceptualized.

BPD desperately needs new treatment 
targets, out-of-the-box research, and 
development of effective medications. 
Very few researchers are presently 
funded to study BPD. This blatant 
neglect of BPD is unacceptable and  it 
m ust change!. 
Needed: A BPD Manhattan Project
To ensure that BPD receives the scientific scrutiny it deserves, we at TARA are now focusing on the development of new areas of study by organizing conferences to stimulate new thinking about BPD. Renowned expert researchers from diverse fields such as substance abuse, immune disorders, sleep disorders, memory deficiencies will join BPD experts, spending intensive time together to generate innovative collaborations and scientific breakthroughs This cross pollination can shed light on this understudied illness and lead to  new research targets, changing the course of future treatment. Our goal is to establish a BPD Manhattan Project, to create the critical mass needed to improve the lives of those with BPD. Those we love deserve nothing less.
Help TARA Jump Start Research
This initiative won't be possible without your support.  If we don't take the lead in deciphering this neglected illness, we are denying those struggling with BPD the support and treatment we know they need and deserve. Please help us jump start the development of new BPD research by contributing to the TARA4BPD Research Fund.
      Your donation will be used to fund research conferences and to disseminate their tangible findings. By giving generously, we can improve the lives of those with BPD.  And let's be honest with ourselves, given the widespread indifference towards BPD, if we don't act on behalf of our loved ones and create a better future for them, who will? 
       Please be as generous as possible. TARA4BPD is a 501C3 not for profit corporation and all donations will be fully tax deductible, Thank you  in advance for your support and partnership in this lifesaving work.
With much hope and appreciation,
Valerie Porr,
Founder, TARA4BPD

P.S.  If everyone who has benefited from TARA's services gives according to their means, gathering of BPD experts with experts from diverse areas will make  new treatment options a possibility  for those with  BPD .We look forward to sharing and celebrating the outcomes with you.  Thank you for doing whatever you can!
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Yes, I would like to improve treatment options for those struggling with BPD by contributing to the TARA4BPD Research Fund.  Contributors will receive a summary of select presentations. 

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Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those with BPD.
Best wishes for happy holiday
All of us at TARA

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