Volunteer Your Support for Passenger Rail in 2019!

  Spring 2019
TARP is headed to DC in April!
Your voice for passenger rail in DC!

Three member of TARP's Board of Directors will join other rail advocates for RailNation DC - Day on the Hill sponsored by the Rail Passengers Association.
W.O. Green, Jarod Pearson, and Robert Stewart will meet with congressional staff members from both US Senators and from all nine US House offices that represent the Volunteer State.
In doing so, TARP's delegation will be a voice for passenger rail in Tennessee.  We will represent the thousands of Tennesseans who ride Amtrak every year (and the thousands more who would ride if given the option!).
We go to these meetings with letters, fact-filled documents and helpful conversation.  Our hope and our goal is to help Tennessee's elected representatives support our national rail passenger system and see that Tennesseans broader transportation options.   
We will also attend programs, workshops and lectures to keep us informed and aware of developments in the passenger rail industry and with Amtrak in particular.
Stay tuned for a report on our activities in the next TARP newsletter. 
We need your voice too!

TARP Members back home in Tennessee can be a huge help to us in DC!
Between now and the end of March, we need to your to Tell Your Congressman to support our national rail passenger system!
Why?  Because it's extremely helpful when we meeting with congressional staff members!
We love hearing from these staff members that they are hearing from constituents on this issue.  Such was the case at last year's meeting with staff members from House District 1 & 2.
It was, however, NOT helpful when we heard from a Nashville-area member that she had heard nothing about Amtrak service from her constituents.
Please take a moment, to write a letter, e-mail or call your US House Member.  Doing so will make TARP's voice even stronger!
If you need suggestions or assistance, send an e-mail to tarprail@gmail.com and/or Click here to read RPA's Advocacy Guide.    
Update from Birmingham
While in DC, Jarod Pearson will meet with Amtrak's interline connections department for updates on the Nashville-Huntsville-Birmingham Thruway Bus.
This long awaited service will take advantage of the new $33 million dollar rail and bus facility in downtown by giving Nashville easier access to Amtrak's Crescent route between New York, DC, and New Orleans.
An agreement between the two companies is already in place.  Implementing the service was trickier than expected due to a driver shortage on the Greyhound side and timekeeping problems on the Amtrak side.  Both issues are a lesser concern this year, which is helping to open the door for this connection and others.
Again, expect an update in the next TARP newsletter.
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