December 2018 at TASC
Message from Co-Chair Gunay Evinch:

Dear Turkish Americans and Friends of Turkey,

The Turkish American community is relatively young, with the first substantial wave of Turkish immigration to the U.S. having begun in the 1950s. First and second generation Turkish American community leaders have done their job, and we are thankful. It is time for third generation Turkish Americans to build on the achievements of their elders.

TASC Co-Chairs Gunay Evinch, Dr. Halil Mutlu
Meet with Turkish Parliamentary NATO Delegation
TASC Co-Chairs Evinch and Dr. Halil Mutlu hosted the Turkish Parliamentary NATO Delegation, including Chairman Osman Askin Bak of AKP, Faik Oztrak of CHP, Kemal Aydin of MHP, Deputy Director for the Turkish Parliament Department of Foreign Relations Ms. Yesim Uslu, and CHP United States Representative Yurter Ozcan. The Turkish NATO Delegation visited Washington, DC to discuss US-Turkish cooperation in northern Syria against the ISIS/DAESH and PKK/YPG terrorist organizations. Evinch briefed the NATO Delegation on federal cases and law concerning the PKK and its Syrian affiliate, the YPG.
Evinch also discussed TASC’s newest project, Youth Bridges, inspired by the Birthright Israel program, by which TASC will host over 100 Turkish American college students and their friends in Turkey during summer breaks in 2019. Dr. Mutlu discussed TASC Turkish Sunday Schools which will teach Turkish to Turkish American students across the nation for high school credit.
TASC Meets with Capital Region Student Organization Leaders
Washington Turkish House
From left to right: GWU President Can Suer, UMD President Ecem Unal, UMD Vice President Ashley McLaughlin, Gunay Evinch, Carri Connor.
TASC hosted the presidents of the Turkish American Students Associations of George Washington University and University of Maryland at the Washington Turkish House.

Over 30,000 Turkish Students study in the United States. While one-third of every graduating class remains in America permanently, two-thirds return to pursue careers in Turkey. Co-Chair Evinch expressed, “A central mission of TASC is to develop the next generation of Turkish American community leaders as well as build bridges with alumni who return to Turkey."
In the fall of 2018, the first TASCTalks was inaugurated at University of California, Los Angeles, and discussed the impact of climate change on populations in the Middle East. In 2019, TASCTalks aim to bolster Turkish student engagement in campus democratic life as well as foster a strong partnership with young Turkish Americans across America for the civic, economic and social integration and empowerment of the Turkish American community.
Turkish American Giresun Association, 
Turkish American Entrepreneurs Association hosts 
TASC Co-Chair Dr. Halil Mutlu and Executive Committee Member Nevin Bakir
The Association of Turkish American Entrepreneurs (ATAE) and Turkish American Giresun Association hosted a night to celebrate the formation of ATAE.

Mutlu and Bakir attended to express the support of the broader Turkish American community, and TASC's primary private sector donors, which include successful Turkish American entrepreneurs who are committed to an empowered community. TASC believes that a civically empowered community will depend on the economic strength and social responsibility of a strong Turkish American business community.
TASC Turkish Language Lessons 
Fall Semester Diploma Awards Ceremony
TASC congratulates its Beginner 1, Beginner 2, and Intermediate Turkish Language students for a successful fall semester! Registration for spring semester began on January 1, 2019. TASC Turkish Language classes are free of charge and offer limited seating up to 40 per semester.
The spring semester class schedule is here!

Register here for:
TASC Co-Chair Dr. Halil Mutlu
Meets with Federal and State Elected Officials
in Major Turkish CoMax Rose and
Assemblymen-Elect of Staten Island, Charles Fall
TASC Co-Chair Dr. Halil Mutlu met with Staten Island legislators, Congressman-Elect Max Rose and Assemblyman-Elect Charles Fall. TASC represents a large heritage community of Turkish Americans in Staten Island and Brooklyn. Dr. Mutlu discussed the Turkish American community’s aspirations and challenges, placing particular importance on education, equal opportunity, immigration compliance, and health care.
Mutlu expressed, “My community values family, an honest living, and 'one nation under God with liberty and and justice for all', in America our homeland and Turkey our mother land.” Mutlu discussed TASCRoots seminars which will provide education on the American democratic system, including voter registration; local, state and federal elections; legislative outreach, community advocacy; funding campaigns as a matter of American free speech; and TASC's campaign to count Turks (SayTURK) in U.S. 2020 Census.
TASCRoots Programs Continue in
New York State, Connecticut
Rumi Mosque, Long Island, New York
New Haven, Connecticut
TASCRoots seminars were held in Connecticut and New York, which included speakers on immigration compliance, navigating the American health care system, and Turkish Consular services. TASC thanks New York Counsel General Alper Aktas for participating.
TASC and ICNA Relief New York
Team up in New York City to Challenge the Winter
Introducing the Islamic tradition of of Zekat to Christmas, TASC and the Islamic Council of Northern America Relief New York (ICNA) teamed up to pass out packages of warm clothing and a hot meal to those in need in New York City. TASC thanks the TASC New York Chapter of 25 community leaders who worked with ICNA for the good cause of giving food, warmth and hope to New York’s homeless people.
TASC New York Outreach Extends to 
Crimean Americans, Korean War Veterans,
Elected Officials, and Pakistani Americans
TASC met with Crimean Turkish Americans in Brooklyn to support Crimea leader Mustafa Kirimoglu. Member of the TASC Board of Advisors, Ibrahim Kurtulus, expressed "Turkish Americans support the territorial integrity, security and freedom of Ukraine and Turkic brethren of Crimea."
TASC, Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon met with Korean War veterans and the Korean American community of Staten Island. TASC co-sponsored the event. Member of the TASC Board of Advisors, Ibrahim Kurtulus, stated that Turkish Americans were proud of their history as brave supporters of freedom during the Korean War, and that they will always stand in solidarity with the people of South Korea.
TASC hosted a meeting with Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon and Muslim American Society on Staten Island. Scoring a hat-trick in public outreach, Member of the TASC Board of Advisors, Ibrahim Kurtulus, facilitated discussions between District Attorney McMahon and Muslims Americans in Staten Island. TASCRoots will include “Knowing Your Law Enforcement Community” seminars.
TASC met with Pakistani Americans in Staten Island to express Turkish American solidarity. Member of the TASC Board of Advisors Ibrahim Kurtulus expressed that the Turkish American community will always remember how the people of Pakistan stood with Ataturk and Turkish people during the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1923) against Western colonial powers. Kurtulus expressed TASC’s gratitude to Doctor Swall and Doctor Noor of the Pakistani community.
TASC Advisor Ibrahim Kurtulus Takes Action in Miami to Ensure Proper Display of Turkish Flag
Member of the TASC Board of Advisors Ibrahim Kurtulus and TASCRoots Florida Member Emine Yilmaz, facilitated the removal of an inaccurate Turkish flag, and the placement of a proper Turkish Flag at a conference center in Miami, Florida. Kurtulus and Yilmaz informed the property managers how the Turkish flag is properly displayed.
TASC Attends U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke's Holiday Party in Washington, DC
TASC Secretary General Oya Bain and Programs Director Carri Connor were special guests of US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke at the Department’s Holiday Party. TASC wished Mr. Zinke and his family well, upon his resignation from the U.S. Department of the Interior at the end of December.
TASC Secretary General Oya Bain Attends
100th Celebration of Azerbaijani Republic
TASC Secretary General Oya Bain attended the screening of the documentary film Lifelong Mission and a dinner reception hosted by the Azerbaijan Embassy on December 7. The program was well attended by diplomats, journalists, American legislators, as well as leaders of the Azeri, Turkish and broader Turkic communities.
Left to right; Oya Bain, Mrs. Kazykhanov,
Ambassador Elin Suleymanov of Azerbaijan,
Ambassador Erzhan Kazykhanov of Kazakhstan and Mrs. Suleymanov.
TASC Media Watch
TASC Media Watch will include selected published, unpublished, and censored letters to the editor. It is our goal to check biased reporting regarding issues of
importance to Turkish Americans.
On November 20, 2018, the Boston Globe published an article titled, "Fethullah Gulen, a US resident wanted by Turkey, must be protected."

In response, both Boston Turkish Consul General Ceylan Ozden Erisen   and TASC submitted letters to the Editor. Ms. Erisen's letter was  published.  TASC’s letter, which was not published, can be read  here.
On December 11, 2018, the Armenian Weekly published a  report on Cary Memorial Library  of Lexington, Massachusetts, which inaugurated a new Turkish library selection. The article, written by AW author Karine Vann, promoted censorship of scholarly and legal material which rebuke the Armenian allegation of genocide. TASC replied and a dialogue with Ms. Vann ensued on our  Facebook  page.
December Press Releases
December 7: TASC Congratulates the 84th Anniversary of Turkish Women’s Right to Vote,
Commends the Empowerment of Turkish Women
Eighty-Four years ago today, and thanks to the reforms of President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkish women won the right to vote in national elections.

December 10: TASC Congratulates
Vakifbank and Eczacisbasi VitrA
Womens’ Volleyball Clubs,
World Champions and Bronze Medalists
TASC congratulates Istanbul women’s volleyball clubs, Vakifbank and Eczaibasi VitrA, who defeated Brazilian clubs, Minas and Praia to win the gold and bronze at the 2018 Women’s Club World Championships that took place in China.

TRT Turk Interviews
TASC Turkish Language Students
TRT Turk featured TASC Turkish Language lessons as a part of its series, Hayatin Icinden (“Life”). Anchorman Erkan Tarhan interviewed TASC Turkish Language students and TASC language instructor Esra Atam at the Washington Turkish House. The TRT Turk program reached hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. TASC Beginner and Intermediate Turkish language courses are given every Monday and Tuesday without charge to more than 60 students every semester. TASC thanks its students for participating!
Upcoming Events
Turkish Language spring lessons begin January 14th! Reserve your spot on Eventbrite today. Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, and Intermediate 2 classes offered.

TASCRoots programs continue in New York, Massachusetts regions

Washington Turkish House movie night, date announced soon

Coming Soon! Starting in February 2018, Ebru art classes will be offered at the Washington Turkish House!

2023 is the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic!

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