February 2019 at TASC
TASC empowers Turkish American students. February’s Newsletter Message is from the University of Maryland Turkish Student Organization President, Ms. Ecem Unal (right).


My name is Ecem Unal. I'm a freshman at the University of Maryland and President of the Turkish Student Organization (TSO-UMD). I gladly and proudly took the responsibility of promoting my Turkish culture on and off campus. TSO-UMD is known for its positive outreach, appreciation of diversity, and propensity to have good fun! Great Atatürk entrusted the future of his magnificent Republic to the young people of the nation. I'm proud to continue his great legacy in the United States along side other young Turkish Americans. I believe that what makes Turkey so special is solid solidarity in rich diversity — the wonderful mix of cultures from thousands of years of history. I have had the amazing opportunity to be born and to grow up in Turkey — a country that empowers the open-minded and independent woman inside of me. How happy it is for the one who says "I'm a Turk!"
TASC Events
Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu
in Washington, DC
‪On February 6, TASC and the United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce hosted Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Washington, DC for a town hall with Turkish and Azerbaijani American students. Over 80 students met to build a coalition to support Turkish-Azerbaijani American solidarity and cooperation.
TASC Hosts Turkish Office of Turks Abroad for Meetings with DC Area Turkish Leaders 
Washington Turkish House
From left to right: Oya Bain, Secretary General of TASC; Carri Connor, Programs Director of TASC; Gunay Evinch, Co-Chair of TASC; Abdullah Eren, President of YTB; Hande Ayan, President of ATADC; Sitki Kazanci, Vice President of ATADC; Emen Akseki, Turkish Embassy Liaison
On February 11, TASC hosted President of the Turkish Republic Office of Turks Abroad (YTB), Abdullah Eren (center) and his team at the Washington Turkish House for a luncheon, to discuss Turkish American immigration, integration, and community empowerment. 

TASC Co-Chair Gunay Evinch recommended meetings between YTB and the Turkish Coalition of America, the American Turkish Association of Washington DC (ATADC), Maryland Association of Turkish Americans (MATA), and Turkish American Community Center and Mosque. YTB held discussions with ATADC President Hande Ayan and Vice President Sitki Kazanci regarding the Washington Turkish Festival and Ataturk Turkish Language Schools.
TASC Hosts Turkish Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington, DC and New York
Washington, DC

On February 13, TASC hosted members of the Turkish Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee for a lunch at the Washington Turkish House. TASC received updates on issues in US-Turkish relations. TASC discussed several of its national programs, including TASCRoots which works to empower Turkish Americans in American economic and political life.
New York

On February 15, TASC hosted the Turkish Parliament Foreign Affairs delegation for a dinner in New York. The Delegation met with the New York - New Jersey region Turkish American community and religious leaders. TASC produced a slide show of its activities in the region and introduced its New York Chapter leaders. 
TASC Partners with ICNA-Relief to Distribute Clothing and Food to NYC Homeless
On February 7, over 50 TASC volunteers joined with ICNA volunteers in 25 degree weather to distribute winter essentials to those in need. Regional charitable Muslim and Christian organizations commended TASC’s charity work on social media. Co-Chair, Dr. Halil Mutlu, expressed deep appreciation to the army of volunteers who helped make this possible.
TASCRoots Programs in Full Force in
New York - New Jersey Region
February 16, New Jersey
February 2, New York
Dr. Halil Mutlu, Co-Chair of TASC, and Attorney Ayhan Ogmen, TASC Executive Committee Member, spoke on the American healthcare and legal systems, emphasizing the importance of health insurance, preventative health care, and immigration compliance.
TASC Coordinates Turkish American 
Groups in Massachusetts
On February 17, TASC hosted Massachusetts Turkish American groups to discuss coordination on matters of mutual interest in the state. The organizations included: the Turkish American Cultural Society of New England, The Islamic Academy for Peace. and the Turkish American Women's Foundation.
TASC Joins Khojaly Memorial Ceremonies
in Boston and Washington, DC

On February 25, TASC, the Azerbaijan Consulate, and the Turkish Consulate commemorated the anniversary of the Khojaly massacre with a memoriam in Boston, Massachusetts. The Khojaly Massacres were one of dozens of massacres carried out by Armenia 27 years ago, as Armenia occupied western Azerbaijan and ethnically cleansed its Muslim inhabitants.

TASC stands with the Azerbaijan American community and strongly condemns the violence perpetrated against the people of western Azerbaijan, and supports international efforts to hold Armenia accountable for reparations to the people and the restitution of their lands.
A survivor of the Khojaly tragedy shares his story.
Washington, DC

On February 28, TASC Programs Director Carri Connor attended a memorial ceremony on Capitol Hill reflecting on the Khojaly tragedy.

Members of Congress and the local community heard from the Ambassador of Azerbaijan and a survivor of the Khojaly tragedy.
TASC Ebru Art Workshop at the
Washington Turkish House
On February 17, TASC Ebru Art Workshops kicked off with eleven students participating. Artist Sabiha Ozgur lead the workshop. Our next workshop will be held on Sunday, March 17. Register here.
TASC Participates in Event Held by the
Turkish American Women's Foundation
On February 9, TASC and the Medipol International Medical School participated in a Turkish American Women Foundation event in New York City. TASC is a proud supporter of the Turkish American Women's Foundation.
TASC Secretary General Oya Bain
Attends TurkishWIN@DC Luncheon
On February 21, TASC Secretary General Oya Bain attended the luncheon of the Turkish Women's International Network (TurkishWIN) at the Bay Atlantic University campus in Washington, DC.

TurkishWIN is an international network of women with family, cultural and professional ties to Turkey. The luncheon speaker was University of Maryland Economics Professor Sebnem Kalemli Ozcan who lead a discussion with the guests regarding important experiences which impacted their professional lives.
TASC Advisory Member Ibrahim Kurtulus Meets with Michael McMahon, District Attorney, Staten Island
TASC Advisory Board Member Ibrahim Kurtulus met with Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon to discuss the concerns of the Turkish American community that resides in Staten Island, including more than 900 households. McMahon has been a strong supporter of the Turkish American community since his posts as City Councilman and U.S. Representative.
Co-Chair Dr. Halil Mutlu Congratulates 
Ahmet Onur for Documentary Screening on 
Clergy Schools in Turkey
On behalf of TASC, Co-Chair Dr. Halil Mutlu commended Ahmet Onur with a plaque, for his documentary on the Espiye Imam Hatip High School in Turkey. Turkish clergy teach the physical and social sciences, as well as arts and sports, with a view toward producing well-rounded clergy.
TASC Congratulates Rising Star Academy Students for Achievements in 
Harvard Science Olympiad!
TASC supported students at Rising Star Academy PreK-12th Grade Islamic School in New Jersey who participated in the Harvard University Science Olympiad on February 28. The team of Turkish American students competed in most of the 24 subjects and won several medals. TASC congratulates them all.
Congressional Outreach

Join TASC in asking your freshmen Congressional Representative to join the Turkey Caucus!

Simply enter your zip code to determine if your elected Representative is a freshman. If so, please send him or her a letter to join the Turkey Caucus. As a constituent, your voice will be heard.
TASC Media Watch
TASC Advisory Committee Member Enis Pinar leads 
TASC Media Watch which includes selected published, unpublished, and censored letters to the editor. It is our goal to correct biased reporting regarding issues of
importance to Turkish Americans.
Turkish-French citizen Mr. Bill Beckham issues a statement to President Macron: "Our goal here is not to belittle the French Republic and its history to its colonial past, but rather to warn it about the risk of a resurgence of a doctrine - colonialism - which has been prejudicial to France. Reminder is a way to warn."

Read the full editorial here.
February Press Releases
February 21: TASC Remembers Malcolm X on Anniversary of his Assassination,
Visits Gravesite in New York
February 21: TASC remembers Malcolm X, who was assassinated 54 years ago. Members of TASC and the Muslim American community visited his gravesite in New York to remember his ultimate sacrifice for human rights in America.

Malcolm X stood is credited with helping raise the self-esteem and self-determination of the African American community during the Civil Rights Movement.
February 26: TASC Condemns
Khojaly Massacre on 27th Anniversary
TASC strongly condemns the Khojaly Massacre, which took place in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly on February 26, 1992. This massacre was committed by Armenian forces who slaughtered 613 civilians, including 106 women and 63 children.

Read the full statement here.
Upcoming Events
TASCRoots programs continue in New York, Massachusetts regions

Second Ebru Art workshop will be held on Sunday, March 17! Register here.

Thursday, March 21: Screening of Kedi, the Award Winning Documentary on Istanbul's Famous Feline Residents, at the Washington Turkish House. RSVP here.

2023 is the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic!

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