TASC Media Watch Update
Member of the TASC Board of Advisors Enis Pinar’s comment was posted on Foreign Policy, in response to an article,  "The United States Can’t Rely on Turkey to Defeat ISIS"

"Normally I would comment on the message rather than worrying about the messenger, however the history behind at least one of the two authors of this article is worth commenting on as a factor in evaluating its claim that the U.S. can't rely on Turkey to defeat ISIS..."

Member of the TASC Board of Advisors Enis Pinar responds to Wall Street Journal Article, "Turkey seeks so much U.S. military support to adopt fight in Syria that it will require more American force, not less"

“I am fully for withdrawing our forces from both Syria and for ending our 17-year war in Afghanistan ASAP. We should not waste the life of a single more American soldier in either theatre.

However, what I don't understand is why we should not provide air cover for Turkey, a 66-year NATO ally, when it takes over the fight against ISIS just as we have done for the Kurds..."