TASC welcomes home the remains of US and allied soldiers who died during the Korean War and remembers the bravery of the Turkish Brigade.
Source: Ronen Zilberman/AFP/Getty Images

The remains were handed over in the city of Wonsan, North Korea on July 27, 2018 before continuing to South Korea. This month marks the anniversary of the armistice that ended hostilities in the Korean War (1950-1953).
Standard of Turkish Armed Forces in the Korean War in Istanbul Military Museum in Şişli, Istanbul.

“Turkey is Ready to Meet His Responsibilities.”
TASC Remembers the Bravery of the Turkish Brigade During the Korean War

On the anniversary of the end of the Korean War, TASC remembers the heroic efforts of the Turkish Brigade. The Turkish Brigade ( Şimal Yıldızı) was a Turkish Army Infantry that fought alongside American troops during the Korean War. When the United Nations called for armed resistance against a North Korean invasion of the South, Turkey was the second country to answer the call, second only to the United States. The Turkish government sent 5,000 troops, the first time Turkish troops had fought on foreign soil. The Turkish Brigade is best known for its success in the Battle of Wavon in November 1950, where the Brigade was able to hold off advancing Chinese troops long enough for a U.S. Army Unit to retreat safely. “U.N. commanders would later credit the Turks with saving [this unit] from destruction,” and the American public widely lauded the Turkish Brigade’s heroism in the Korean War. By the end of the war, 15,000 Turkish troops had fought in Korea, with a total of close to 3,000 casualties. Let us never forget the courage these troops exemplified and the kinship the United States and Turkey have in their shared history.