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Human Trafficking in the News
Truckers enlisted to fight human trafficking, 'modern-day slavery'
When you hear about human trafficking in the U.S., you probably think it's just a law enforcement problem. But there is one group critical in the effort to combat human trafficking - truckers. Truckers are the eyes and ears on the roads, seeing first-hand that it's an atrocity sweeping the nation.
Aeromexico crews learning to detect signs of human trafficking
BOGOTA - Aeromexico and the Mexican government are teaming up to train airline staff and crew to spot possible victims of human trafficking, a global crime fueled by "lack of visibility, indifference and tolerance," officials said.
Legislation targets human trafficking in hotel industry
The men came, one after another, to a hotel room in the heart of Orlando's tourism district. For $200 an hour, a 16-year-old girl was forced to have sex with the strangers while her pimp kept watch from a car in the hotel parking lot. After a week, the girl confided in one of those strangers that she was being held against her will, and he helped her escape.
Arizona Attorney General highlights partnership 
with TAT at news conference

One of the attendees at the press conference studied the new artifacts 

in the Freedom Drivers Project.


At a news conference on Jan. 17 to highlight National Human Trafficking Month, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joined Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), the Arizona Trucking Association, the grocer Albertsons and Help Inc. to announce new partnership efforts to reduce human trafficking. 
Those efforts include placing more than 25,000 TAT stickers on semi-trucks throughout Arizona to encourage victims of human trafficking to seek help. The stickers were purchased with funds donated by the Attorney General's office, and ask the question Do you need help? with the number and text number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline.
"I believe that it's not only education, but it's about outreach," said Brnovich. "This is a community effort. It's not just about prosecutors, it's about our private sector partners; it's about the truckers; it's about all of us coming together to solve a community problem." 
Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, commented, " It was amazing being part of a united coalition against human trafficking in Phoenix. It was invigorating to stand arm in arm with the Arizona Trucking Association, member companies and TAT shipping partners, along with Attorney General Brnovich, to say we are committed to fighting this scourge together; we will not be daunted in our efforts; and we will continue to pursue justice for victims of this crime. Knowing that another 25,000 TAT window decals will be placed on Arizona fleets to raise awareness about this crime and also provide the hotline number for both drivers and victims, is fantastic."
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich spoke at the press conference in front of the FDP, driven to the site by the Everyday Heroes truck, owned by J&L Transportation.
After the news conference, attendees
were encouraged to tour the Freedom Drivers Project, TAT's mobile exhibit to help educate the public about human trafficking and how the trucking industry is combating it.

"Truckers are on the front lines of this global epidemic. They are our eyes and ears on Arizona highways, and if just one rescue sticker or observant driver helps save a life, then we've made a difference," Brnovich said in a news release.
Arizona companies involved in Truckers Against Trafficking are: AIT Truck Driver Training, Albertsons Companies, American Institute of Trucking, Diamondback Systems, Doudell Trucking, Diamond Tank Lines, Empire Transport, Frontier Insurance Adjusters, HDS Truck Driving Institute, INTL XS Program Managers, J&L Transportation Inc., Knight Transportation, McKee Foods, McLane Foods Service, Minero Trucking, Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, Roehl Transport, Inc., SFS Trucking, Inc., Southwest Truck Driver Training, Swift Transportation, Transportaciones El Angel LLC, UPS, W.W. Williams Co., Werner Enterprises, Western Refining, Western Transport Logistics, Youngs Market Company, Yuma Truck Driving School, and Z Trucking LLC.
TAT goes coast to coast to do coalition builds

UPS All-Star Road Team captains 
(L to R) John McKown, Richard Brown and Charlton Paul Jr. drove the FDP to the South Carolina build and volunteered there.

In January, TAT went coast to coast, doing one coalition build in Columbia, South Carolina and the other one in Seattle, Washington.
Both were well attended by law enforcement and trucking, with about 70 in South Carolina and 60 in Washington. The South Carolina build was held on Jan. 11, National Human Trafficking Day.
"I had the privilege of taking South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and Rick Todd, president of the South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA), through the Freedom Drivers Project (FDP) at the beginning of the day," said Esther Goetsch, TAT coalition build specialist. "They were very engaged and shocked at some of the stories they read. After touring the FDP, we had a press conference outside at which AG Wilson announced they have invited SCTA to join the human trafficking task force. This is very exciting, because it's one of our long-term goals with the coalition builds."
At the build, the training and law enforcement panels focused on training law enforcement how to work with victims, how to document well in order to corroborate these cases, as well as ways that trucking can play a critical role in helping law enforcement identify these cases.
The SCTA has already named goals they'll be working on in addition to joining the task force, including contacting the DMV about adding TAT wallet cards with issuance and renewal, playing TAT's training video at their locations and having their road team captains join TAT's Ambassadors Program. SC Highway Patrol has committed to getting all weigh stations stocked with TAT materials and training all CVE troopers with TAT's LE training video. 

"Thank you to 
UPS  for hauling the Freedom Drivers Project and to their All-Star road team captains who helped out," commented Goetsch.

From left, Esther Goetsch, TAT coalition build specialist, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and South Carolina Trucking Association President Rick Todd spoke at the press conference as part of the South Carolina build. 

The Seattle build was co-hosted with the  Washington Attorney General's office at their office and the Washington Trucking Association. Participants were split fairly evenly between law enforcement and companies such as Microsoft, Costco, Foster Farms and other trucking companies, as well as truck stops. Also in attendance were representatives from Change A Path, Best Alliance, Department of Licensing and the Federal Motor Carriers Association.
Washington is focused on reducing demand for sex trafficking, therefore, a lot of the discussion centered on ways they've been successful going after buyers, legislation that would increase funding for services for victims and some of the tactics law enforcement use to try and recover victims and arrest buyers. The panel had local, state and federal law enforcement, including FBI, FUSION Center, Lakewood PD and Washington State Patrol. 
"The TAT coalition build brought together one of the most diverse groups of individuals for a human trafficking event that I have been a part of," commented Farshad Talebi, assistant attorney general of the Washington Attorney General's Office. "I was thrilled to see the enthusiasm from the participants throughout the day. Law enforcement left with plans to partner with the trucking industry on investigations and operations; and participants from the trucking industry and other sectors left with a sense of empowerment to bring about change within their organizations."
TAT says 'welcome aboard' to FedEx Freight

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) announced in January that it is launching education from Truckers Against Trafficking for team members at FedEx Freight, its less-than-truckload unit. It also became a platinum-level sponsor in support of TAT's work with the trucking industry to combat human trafficking.
"As a company with team members out on our nation's highways every day, FedEx is proud to support Truckers Against Trafficking in its quest to call attention to, and fight, this serious crime that is impacting lives across the U.S.," said FedEx Freight President and CEO Mike Ducker. "By educating our team members on what to watch for and empowering them to take a stand, we are committed to making a difference on this issue and look forward to working with Truckers Against Trafficking."

"The American trucking industry has proven time and again that they are working alongside law enforcement to disrupt trafficking networks and aid in the recovery of victims," said Kendis Paris, executive director, Truckers Against Trafficking. "The partnership between TAT and FedEx will significantly increase the trained 'eyes and ears' along our nations roadways, and we are thrilled to be working with such an industry leader."
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Are you inspiring your employees to fight human trafficking?

If TAT and trucking are to be successful in interrupting trafficking networks, it's important for companies that partner with TAT to work toward widespread employee engagement among their workforce. In fact, employee engagement is so critical in the fight against this crime, that it is the theme for the 2017 Truckers Against Trafficking annual report, coming soon.
TAT has recently completed a Corporate Engagement section of its website, and encourages everyone to take the time to go through it. In addition to other information, including why someone should decide to support TAT and the sponsorship levels available, there are case studies from a number of companies showing different methods of employee engagement. These include:
  • Don Blake and Inland Kenworth who recruited a host of sponsors and built an Everyday Heroes truck that was later auctioned off to J&L Transportation resulting in an $83,000 donation to TAT.
  • Twin Eagle, who leveraged a series of employee-led fundraisers and executive-matched giving, to raise over $22,000 for TAT in addition to training their staff, donating hauls of the Freedom Drivers Project and volunteering with TAT.
  • Volvo, which hosted a four-day tour of its various facilities for the Freedom Drivers Project, who not only learned to report sex trafficking, but also volunteered, fundraised, took materials to share and engaged local media and law enforcement.
  • Walmart, who trained all its drivers and then encourages and enables them to support TAT by donating thousands of dollars worth of hauls, volunteers hours and expertise.
From L, David Williamson, director of Talent Services and Development, Debbie John, vice president of Human Resources, Laura Cyrus, TAT operations director, Leila Palizi, Communications and Events specialist, and Jim Shertzer, director of Marketing Strategy and Analysis, have worked together to develop a plan for Protective Insurance to engage its employees in its partnership 
with TAT.
Protective Insurance is another organization which has recently joined TAT and  which provides a replicable example of employee engagement. The company, which has been insuring trucking for over 80 years, wants to work with TAT to further its mission and goals. To do that, it plans to engage its key stakeholders, including employees, agents, customers and the greater Indianapolis community to continue raising awareness and inspire action in the fight against human trafficking.
Jim Shertzer, director of Marketing Strategy and Analysis at Protective insurance, said, "We're thrilled to have started off our partnership with TAT on a high note as a result of our meeting in January. We had the opportunity to sit down with Laura Cyrus (TAT director of operations) to evaluate our goals and objectives and create an activation plan we're confident will create a measurable impact amongst our audiences. We're very excited to see what TAT and Protective will achieve together in 2018."
Eric Higgs and Rich McArdle join TAT board of directors

TAT announces the election to its board of directors of Rich McArdle, president of UPS Freight, and Eric Higgs, a vice president of marketing at Bridgestone.
Rich McArdle, who began his UPS career in 1982, working as an operations employee in Louisville, Kentucky, became UPS Freight president in January 2016. In 1985, McArdle was part of the team that initiated UPS International Air service between the United States and Europe. As an industrial engineer, he developed operating plans for further expansions to Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia and Central America. He capped off his Louisville assignment by running UPS's Import and Export Division.
In 1997, McArdle began a series of relocations in which he took on a variety of roles. First, he ran air and ground operations in Colorado, then did the same in Southern California. In 2007, he became chief operating officer for UPS's North and South Carolina operations. He joined the UPS Corporate Public Affairs team in 2010 and served as senior vice president of State Public Affairs. Later, he became the managing director for UPS Global Operations Policy. He became president of UPS's Mid Atlantic District in 2015 and held that position until accepting his current role.
McArdle sits on the board of directors for the American Transportation Research Institute and the Virginia Business Council. He is a member of the American Trucking Associations' Infrastructure Task Force and is a participant in California's Sustainable Freight Action Plan working group.
Eric Higgs is a vice president of Marketing at Bridgestone, responsible for leading the marketing strategy and efforts for the Commercial group. He has direct marketing leadership of the Bridgestone TBR, Bandag and OTR businesses.  
Higgs brings more than 20 years of experience in global marketing to his role at Bridgestone. Prior to Bridgestone, he spent four years at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, where he served as general manager for the Hands & Face category. In his last three years with Kimberly-Clark, Higgs led the Kleenex team on a journey to restore growth of the brand by reversing negative trends on sales, profit, share and penetration. This growth was supported by the launch of an exciting and award-winning commercial program and set the stage for continued category growth. Prior to that, Higgs worked for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum as Marketing director, and spent 18 years at Procter & Gamble in multiple marketing and manufacturing roles.
Higgs earned a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master of business administration from Duke University.
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Feb. 6  -  Tennessee Highway Patrol Training, Nashville, TN, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, and Tajuan McCarty, TAT field trainer, presenting

Feb. 13  - Illinois State Police Training, Springfield, IL, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, and Tajuan McCarty, TAT field trainer, presenting

Feb. 14  - Oklahoma Human Trafficking Task Force Statewide Conference, Owasso, OK, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, presenting

Feb. 21  - Man to Man Launch, Washington, DC, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, presenting

Feb. 21  - Trans-Bridge Lines Training, New York City, NY, Annie Sovcik, BOTL program director, presenting

Feb. 27  - Trailways 2018 Conference, Destin, FL, Annie Sovcik, BOTL program director, presenting
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