Volume 13 | Issue 7
July 2022
Human trafficking in the news
Montana awakening to human trafficking activity in the state,
invites TAT for education and awareness
In less-populated states, like Montana, it sometimes takes a while for human trafficking to be discovered as an ongoing problem. But no longer. Awareness and education are underway in the state, and TAT is playing a role.

In June, the Montana Trucking Association (MTA) invited TAT’s Freedom Drivers Project to its Expo and Truck Driving Championship events. Both were held in Helena, June 10-11. During the two days, 121 toured the FDP at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds, including two groups of DMV student drivers and their instructors. Of those students, only six of them had heard of human trafficking.

Duane Williams, MTA CEO, commented, “Thanks to Truckers Against Trafficking for realizing that this timely, important message is needed even in low-population states like Montana. Thanks for taking the time and effort to have a presence at our expo. Even if just one individual was helped, it is worth it.”

Montana is considered one of the states in the nation with the highest number of truck stop casinos, so the TAT Coalition Build (CB) team will be holding a CB Aug. 23 in Helena and a second one Oct. 19 in Billings, both focusing on creating partnerships between law enforcement, trucking, truck stops, buses and casinos to close loopholes to traffickers and train people on how to spot trafficking and how to use a victim-centered approach with human trafficking survivors.
FedEx Driver Rich Merich became the first FedEx driver to haul the FDP, as he drove it to the Montana events.
TAT unveils new ELD app
Designed with ELDs in mind, eTAT is a new app to help drivers identify and report labor and sex trafficking in their everyday work. Drivers can view human trafficking red flags and examples, as well as scan QR codes with their personal mobile devices to access training videos, podcast episodes and more. Additional benefits include:
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Uses no cellular data
  • Easy to add to existing driver devices
  • Great for over-the-road drivers, local drivers, van line operators and in-home delivery professionals
  • Gives drivers the tools to identify and report labor and sex trafficking

"If you decide to install eTAT for your fleet on their company devices, please let TAT know, so we can better track our reach,” explained Laura Cyrus, senior director of Industry Training and Outreach. “While we get some minor analytics on the total number of downloads from each app store, we would love to know which fleets have added eTAT. Please let us know. Also, if there are any ELD providers out there who would like to discuss having eTAT come standard on your devices, we would love to speak with you about that opportunity."

Click here for more information on the app or search for the eTAT app at the Google Play store.
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency schedules a
week of TAT trainings
TAT Deputy Director Kylla Lanier and TAT Field Trainer and Survivor-Leader Kelley Alsobrook conducted six trainings to 547 members of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) on June 21-23. Attendance at the trainings consisted of both in-person and virtual participation.

This was the first time TAT conducted law enforcement trainings within the state, despite having long-standing relationships with ALEA's Motor Carrier Safety Division, the Alabama Office of the Attorney General and with the Alabama Trucking Association. Many of the officers commented on how eye-opening the training was, with one stating, "This training has kept me up thinking about potential victims I may have missed. I know what to look for now, and I will definitely be on the lookout."
TAT Field Trainer and Survivor-Leader Kelley Alsobrook was part of the TAT team training law enforcement in Alabama.
Lanier commented, "To be able to reach this many law enforcement officers all across Alabama with this critical information about human trafficking was a true joy and privilege. We look forward to our continued partnership with ALEA, and we hope many victims are recovered from this heinous crime."
Be inspired by TAT’s newest survivor success video
To see the life-saving impact TAT training and a victim-centered approach can make in the life of a trafficking victim, watch TAT’s latest survivor success story. Hear trafficking survivor Nikki share how a truck stop manager helped her escape her trafficker and begin a new life of freedom. Click here to watch her story. To become a TAT-trained employee like the manager mentioned in the video, check out all the free, truck stop-specific training materials here or email TAT at tat.truckers@gmail.com and request truck stop-specific training.
Pomp’s Tire Service, Inc. creates co-branded trailer wraps
in fight against human trafficking
Seeing the need for strategic distribution points for its materials and message to reach more members of the transportation industry, Truckers Against Trafficking created the TAT Dealership Partner program (TDP) to engage those business dealerships resourcing drivers.

Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. became a TDP in 2017. Over the years, Pomp’s has continued to increase its level of engagement in that program, displaying its commitment to combat human trafficking. Pomp’s has not only trained their employees with TAT materials, displayed TAT materials and hung TAT posters at their brick and mortar locations and become a TAT sponsor, but they’ve introduced TAT to other industry organizations, highlighted TAT on their website, and now have created and are employing several co-branded wrapped trailers to raise awareness of TAT and the fight against human trafficking wherever their trucks travel.

To launch their new trailers, Pomp’s is hosting a series of training and launch events as the trailers move out to various Pomp’s locations across the country. The first two of these events were held in Kansas City and Dupo, Illinois.

T.J. Trum, general counsel/team leader for Risk Management and Safety, Pomp’s Tire, stated, “The mission and values of Truckers Against Trafficking directly align with our core values. Our expanding relationship with TAT in this first trailer wrap will further amplify their important message. By training our teammates, publicly demonstrating our firm support for anti-trafficking efforts and generating conversations with our customers and the general public, we believe that we will be the difference in helping a victim of human trafficking.”
 Pomp’s is holding training events for employees with TAT materials as they move the newly wrapped trailers from location to location.
July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, a global day dedicated to coming together to raise awareness about this important issue. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are more than 40 million people trapped in modern-day slavery across the globe, including forced labor, forced marriage and sex trafficking. That means there are 5.4 victims of modern-day slavery for every 1,000 people in the world. We appreciate all of our partners who have joined the fight to combat this heinous crime.
July 2022 Calendar of Events
July 9-10 – Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference, Hampton, VA, Lexi Higgins, BOTL deputy director, presenting
July 11-12 – New York Association for Pupil Transportation, Saratoga Springs, NY, Lexi Higgins, BOTL deputy director, presenting
July 12 – FDP at Walmart, Spring Valley, IL, Susan Dold, director of Finance and HR, attending
July 14-16 – FDP at Iowa 80 Jamboree, Walcott, IA, Susan Dold, director of Finance and HR, attending
July 15 – Rocky Mountain Regional Safety Rendezvous, Park City, UT, Chris Moreno, Industry Training program specialist, presenting
July 17-18 – Toronto Ontario Transportation Expo, Matt Fuller, Canada program manager, presenting
July 18 – CL Werner Foundation presentation, Valley, NE, Laura Cyrus, senior director of Industry Training and Outreach, presenting
July 18-19 – School Transportation News Expo, Reno, NV, Lexi Higgins, BOTL deputy director, presenting
July 20 – FDP at Walmart, Gas City, IN, Susan Dold, director of Finance and HR, attending
July 21 – FDP at TA, Greensburg, IN, Susan Dold, director of Finance and HR, attending
July 22 – FDP at Walmart, Seymour, IN, Susan Dold, director of Finance and HR, attending
July 24-25 – National School Transportation Association Annual Meeting and Convention, Niagara Falls, NY, Lexi Higgins, BOTL deputy director, presenting
July 25-29 – Strategy meetings with Guardianes del Asfalto, Mexico City, Mexico, Kylla Lanier, senior director of Public Sector Engagement, attending
July 26-27 – Truck Training Schools of Ontario (TTSAO) Annual Conference, Brampton, Ontario, Matt Fuller, Canada program manager, presenting
July 26 – FDP at Walmart, Midway, TN, Brandy Belton, FDP director, attending
July 28 – Los Angeles Coalition Build, Louie Greek, Coalition Build specialist, Annie Sovcik, Programs and Strategic Initiatives senior director, Liz Williamson, TAT field trainer and survivor-leader, presenting
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